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The Next Three Days

  1. your box office explained
    Half a Harry Potter Movie Takes Almost the Whole Box OfficeWho DIDN’T go see ‘Harry Potter’ this weekend?
  2. movie review
    Movie Review: A Clumsy But Still Surprising The Next Three DaysScene by scene, ‘The Next Three Days’ feels off.
  3. party lines
    Elizabeth Banks at The Next Three DaysPlus: Adrien Brody, Brian Dennehy, Ben Stiller …
  4. reminiscing
    Paul Haggis Loved Writing for One Day at a Time’s Schneider“It was so much fun for me. I was a bad writer for many, many years.”
  5. party chat
    Russell Crowe Advises RZA on How to Properly Beat Up Russell CroweRZA: “He had to show us how to beat up a person. He’s a tough guy.”
  6. trailer mix
    The Next Three Days Trailer: No Wife of Russell Crowe’s Has to Stay in JailHe will break her out, always.
  7. the industry
    Michael Mann to Make War Photography ExcitingPlus: Rachel Bilson! Fred Thompson! Booky!
  8. the industry
    David Cronenberg to Make The Fly AgainPlus: Sam Raimi! RZA! Leaf Men!
  9. the industry
    Elizabeth Banks Goes Directly to JailPlus: Justin Theroux is an evil magic wizard.
  10. the industry
    Spielberg Trying to Helm HelmPlus: Ron Howard! Diane Keaton! Jeremy Renner!
  11. the industry
    Twilight Director to Slum It With ShakespearePlus: ‘Valley Girl: The Musical.’