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The Nice Guys

  1. vulture recommends
    A Shane Black Christmas Isn’t All That MerryAnd maybe that’s the point.
  2. Fox Is Developing a TV Reboot of ‘The Nice Guys’ Called ‘The Nice Girls’If Bad Moms can lead to Bad Dads, then surely The Nice Guys can lead to The Nice Girls, right? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shane […]
  3. movie review
    Movie Review: The Nice GuysIt has a nice feel: just slick enough to keep from falling apart, just brutal enough to keep from seeming inconsequential.
  4. cannes 2016
    Cannes 2016: The 15 Most Anticipated FilmsSteven Spielberg! Cannibal supermodels! Shia LaBeouf!
  5. last night on late night
    An Audience Member Acts With Ryan GoslingMaybe Karen should replace Russell Crowe in more movies.
  6. trailer mix
    Nice Guys Trailers: Gosling and Crowe Do ComedyQuite a dynamic duo.
  7. predator
    S. Black Will Make Predator Reboot a ‘Spectacle’“Let’s really do it right this time.”
  8. casting couch
    Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe Will Play a Detective DuoIn Shane Black’s The Nice Guys.