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The Nightingale

  1. casting
    Dakota and Elle Fanning to Finally Play Sisters Onscreen in The NightingaleSisters of a feather flock together.
  2. close reads
    What Does It Mean for a Rape Scene to Be ‘Done Well’?After watching the brutal sexual violence in The Nightingale, I started to think about what we can learn from classic Hollywood depictions of rape.
  3. chat room
    The Nightingale’s Baykali Ganambarr on Bringing Aboriginal Culture to the Screen“So many of our elders have tried to go out and show the world that Aboriginal people of Australia still exist.”
  4. q&a
    Jennifer Kent Doesn’t Think The Nightingale Is a Rape-Revenge Story“I think ultimately for me, this film isn’t about violence, it’s about the love between two very unlikely people.”
  5. movie review
    In The Nightingale, There’s No Escaping the Rankness of Male DepravityThe Babadook director returns with a graphically violent, Australian-frontier revenge thriller.
  6. trailer mix
    Watch The Nightingale Trailer From Babadook’s Jennifer KentIn theaters this August.
  7. news reel
    Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater Talk About What’s NextA Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, and the life of Nero.