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The Notebook

  1. netflix
    British Netflix Has an Alternate Notebook Ending and Nobody Told Nicholas SparksThe version that’s currently streaming robs viewers of a good, cathartic ugly-cry. And nobody knows why!
  2. broadway
    Ingrid Michaelson Directly Targeting Your Tear Ducts With a Notebook MusicalBring on the tears and the stage rain!
  3. movies
    Hey Girl, Nicholas Sparks Says No One Wanted to Be Noah in The NotebookAnd thus spoke Ryan Gosling.
  4. tv remakes
    The CW Wants a Notebook TV Series, Forever, Every DayIf you’re a bird, I’m a remake of a 2004 romantic drama.
  5. chat room
    Nicholas Sparks on Deliverance Creek“Sometimes stories are just not ready to be told.”
  6. the notebook
    Notebook Lovers Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams Hated Each Other at FirstGasp.
  7. first watch
    I Finally Watched The Notebook, and I Have Some ThoughtsOn the movie’s tenth anniversary.
  8. superfan quiz
    Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Notebook?Take our superfan quiz.
  9. sparks and sparks
    Vulture Rates the Romantic Spark of Each Nicholas Sparks FilmFrom 0 to 5 sparks!
  10. honest trailers
    Watch an Honest Trailer for The NotebookAnd maybe change your V-Day plans.
  11. romance
    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Got Married at a House From The NotebookBecause if she’s a bird, he’s a bird.
  12. breakup aids
    The Notebook Made R. Kelly Get DivorcedRyan Gosling warned us that this might happen.
  13. if you're a bird i'm a bird
    A Few Suggestions for The Notebook’s Musical ScoreIf You’re a Bird: now with tap dancing.
  14. The Notebook to Become Broadway MusicalYour song suggestions are welcome.
  15. Jessica Biel’s Notebook Audition Was Bloodier Than You’d ExpectIt wasn’t Gosling’s fault.
  16. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls Track the Fashion Evolution of Ryan GoslingFrom trucker hats to lots and lots of velvet, here’s what goes on over the abs.
  17. clickables
    Check Out This Canadian Couple’s Notebook Engagement PhotosShe does look a lot like Rachel McAdams.
  18. callbacks
    The Scene The Notebook and Blue Valentine Have in CommonIt’s the one where Ryan Gosling gets a woman to do what he wants by threatening to harm himself.
  19. movies
    Ryan Gosling: The Notebook Makes Couples Break Up“One guy told me that he was engaged and [his fiancee] broke up with him after that movie because she said to him, ‘You wouldn’t build a house for me, would you?’”
  20. news reel
    Nicholas Sparks on How ‘The Notebook’ Is Basically Like Shakespeare’You had Hemingway write ‘A Farewell to Arms,’ the movies of the forties, Shakespeare, and that’s the genre I work in,’