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The Olsen Twins

  1. crystal balls
    Mary-Kate Olsen Will Date Cara Delevingne: A Mystical PredictionHear us out.
  2. investigations
    Why Am I So Soothed by Photos of the Olsen Twins Smoking?“It’s like visual ASMR, a metronome.”
  3. deep dives
    A Close Reading of the Olsen Twins’ Ashley Benson Birthday VideoIt is worthy of Zapruder-level analysis.
  4. tv nostalgia
    Jodie Sweetin: Fuller House Gave Up on OlsensWhere art thou, Michelle?
  5. type casting
    Elizabeth Olsen Asked to Play Michelle TannerNo way, José!
  6. clickables
    See Bob Saget Creepily Reunited With the Olsen TwinsNow we know that Bill Nye and a CGI-doubled Courtney Love could star in Full House: The Movie.