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The Oranges

  1. chat room
    Leighton Meester on The Oranges and Gossip Girl“I think it’s ending at a beautiful, perfect time. But it’s because our contracts are up.”
  2. party chat
    Alia Shawkat on the ‘Surreal and Awesome’ Arrested Development Reboot“I still feel like a teenager who’s insecure when I’m on set around all of the funny adults.”
  3. exclusive
    Meester And Janney in a Clip of The OrangesRespect your mother, young lady.
  4. ‘The Oranges’ Is Kind of Like an ‘Arrested Development’ Movie Well, Maeby’s in it and it’s set in a location with “Orange” in the name and, umm, crazy things happen and…if you think of these two […]
  5. trailer mix
    The Oranges Trailer: Hugh Laurie Plus Leighton MeesterIt’s a May-December pairing to beat the band.
  6. the industry
    Jolie, Aronofsky in Talks to Adapt SerenaPlus: Amber Heard joins Nicolas Cage in ‘Angry.’
  7. casting couch
    The Unlikely Onscreen Chemistry of Leighton Meester and Hugh LaurieUnlikely actors are teaming up again.
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    Nicole Kidman and Brooklyn Decker Will Go For ItPlus: Applegate and Milano Take a ‘Pass’