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  1. New Material Seinfeld Drops by ‘The Pete Holmes Show’Everyone’s favorite Pete Holmes Show performer New Material Seinfeld showed up to try out a new round of in-the-works material last night, and […]
  2. Pete Holmes Gives M. Bison Some Realistic Finance Advice in ‘Street […]The Pete Holmes Show may be nearing the end of its run on television, but that hasn’t stopped Holmes from continuing his delightfully silly […]
  3. cancellations
    TBS Axes The Pete Holmes ShowSigh.
  4. TBS Cancels ‘The Pete Holmes Show’TBS is getting rid of its newest late night program. The cable network has canceled The Pete Holmes Show, THR reports. The show, which began […]
  5. Patton Oswalt and Pete Holmes Have a Sleepover in ‘4 AM Thoughts’Here’s the newest installment of The Pete Holmes Show’s “4 AM Thoughts,” in which Holmes is joined in bed by Patton Oswalt to take turns […]
  6. Jerrod Carmichael Shows Pete Holmes the Quarter He Stole from Bill Cosby’s […]Standup Jerrod Carmichael – who recently landed an hour HBO standup special – paid a visit to The Pete Holmes Show last night, and he showed […]
  7. Take a Romantic Escape with Ray Romano and Pete Holmes in ‘Romano Duets’Finally someone has one-upped the already perfect idea of Ray Romano singing a compilation of smooth love songs by adding a second Romano in […]
  8. Joel McHale Plays a Clueless Guile in ‘Street Fighter Red Tape’Here’s the newest installment of Pete Holmes’s web series Street Fighter Red Tape, in which Joel McHale plays the valiant American hero Guile, […]
  9. Watch Jamie Lee Do Standup on ‘The Pete Holmes Show’Pete Holmes Show staff writer Jamie Lee did a standup set last night, covering everything from being a special occasion drinker to her literal […]
  10. Adam Scott Outs Pete Holmes as a Supernatural RacistOn last night’s Pete Holmes Show, Adam Scott made Pete Holmes look like a fool for not knowing who Stephen Dorff is or knowing what the movie […]
  11. Pete Holmes Shares Some Delirious 4am ObservationsPete Holmes gets some crazy ideas – or delirious observational humor, really – in the middle of the night, and he shared a few of them on […]
  12. Rob Riggle and Pete Holmes Compare the Worlds of Standup and ImprovIf you’re looking to get into comedy but not sure whether you’d like to start as a standup or improv performer, take a look at Rob Riggle’s […]
  13. Kumail Nanjiani Plays the Unmarketable Dhalsim in ‘Street Fighter Red Tape’In the newest installment of Pete Holmes’s Street Fighter-themed web series, Kumail Nanjiani plays the slow and stretchy Indian yogi Dhalsim, […]
  14. Bo Burnham and Pete Holmes Discuss the Freakdom of Being TallComedian Bo Burnham was a guest on The Pete Holmes Show last night, and the guys spent much of the interview talking about what it’s like to be […]
  15. Pete Holmes Calls Vega’s Claw an Insurance Liability in ‘Street Fighter […] In the second episode of his new Street Fighter-themed web series, Pete Holmes interviews Vega, the fancypants pretty boy from Spain who […]
  16. Jenny Slate and Pete Holmes Have a Girly Chat The delightful Jenny Slate was a guest on last night’s Pete Holmes Show, and she and Pete got extra comfy for a “Gabbin’ Like Gals” segment in […]
  17. New Material Seinfeld Pays Pete Holmes a Visit Last week Jerry Seinfeld did standup on The Tonight Show, and last night New Material Seinfeld did standup on The Pete Holmes Show. One of […]
  18. Pete Holmes Pitches a Movie Idea to Judd Apatow The Pete Holmes Show returned to the airwaves last night, and Holmes sat down with superstar comedy filmmaker Judd Apatow to pitch him a […]
  19. Pete Holmes Renames Ryu’s Spinning Kick in ‘Street Fighter Red Tape’ Ryu has always seemed to make himself overly complicated in Street Fighter, and Pete Holmes has addressed that in what I hope is the first of […]
  20. Pete Holmes Answers Fans’ Burning Valentine’s Day Questions The Pete Holmes Show returns for a second season February 24th on TBS, so Holmes decided to gear up for the show with this new video fit for […]
  21. renewals
    TBS Renews The Pete Holmes ShowThree more months of stupid Batman.
  22. TBS Renews ‘The Pete Holmes Show’ for 13 WeeksTBS announced today that they’ve renewed their late night series The Pete Holmes Show for 13 more weeks. The show, which is on a short hiatus […]
  23. Pete Holmes and Patton Oswalt Discuss Their Terrible Old Jokes Patton Oswalt dropped by The Pete Holmes Show last night, and here the two share some of their old bad joke ideas, then Pete gives Patton a […]
  24. Moshe Kasher Was on ‘Pete Holmes’ Last Night, and They Almost Made Out Moshe Kasher was a guest on Pete Holmes last night, and the two had an interesting interaction of almost kissing each other, calling Moshe a […]
  25. Gabe Liedman Was ‘Pete Holmes Show’s First-Ever Standup Last Night Since The Pete Holmes Show debuted in October, they haven’t had anyone do standup yet — until last night when Gabe Liedman became the show’s […]
  26. Marc Maron Visits Pete Holmes to Tell Him How Exhausting He Is Marc Maron made his Pete Holmes Show debut last night and spent the episode, as usual when he’s around Holmes, completely making fun of him […]
  27. John Mulaney and Pete Holmes Have a Delightful Friendship Full of Insults Pete Holmes had longtime friend and fellow nice comedian John Mulaney on his show last night, and since they really are such good friends they […]
  28. Conan Dropped By ‘The Pete Holmes Show’ to Check Up on Things Conan O’Brien made his first appearance on The Pete Holmes Show on Thanksgiving, the talk show following his on TBS that he also executive […]
  29. Joe Mande, Noah Garfinkel, and Pete Holmes Talked About Things Not To Do […] Writers and hosts of the much beloved show Totally J/K Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkel stopped by The Pete Holmes Show last night, and they […]
  30. Rory Scovel Made a Compelling Anti-Cemetery Case on ‘The Pete Holmes Show’ Rory Scovel was Pete Holmes’ guest last night, and in a twist on the usual light-hearted late night banter, the conversation turned to death […]
  31. Pete Holmes and Rob Corddry Got Heckled By Pete’s Dad Rob Corddry was the guest on The Pete Holmes Show last night, and as exciting as that is for fans of The Daily Show and Childrens Hospital, it […]
  32. Pete Holmes and Eric Andre Talk About the Places His Penis Has Been Eric Andre was on The Pete Holmes Show last night, and naturally the conversation turned to an awkward interaction involving Andre’s penis and […]
  33. June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson Explored Their Clowning Past with Pete […] Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael swung by The Pete Holmes Show last night, and Pete couldn’t help but ask about their earlier days in clown […]
  34. Anthony Jeselnik Roasted Pete Holmes Last Night Anthony Jeselnik stopped by The Pete Holmes Show last night to make fun of Pete, but they ended up talking about Anthony’s very prepared, […]
  35. Pete Holmes and Ike Barinholtz Confirm That They’re Not the Same Person The Mindy Project’s Ike Barinholtz stopped by Pete Holmes’s new show last night to address the fact that people can’t tell them apart, and the […]
  36. This Week in Comedy: ‘The Pete Holmes Show’ Premieres, and NBC Orders 13 […]-NBC ordered 13 epsiodes of a comedy starring Ellie Kemper and co-created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. The show is tentatively […]
  37. Chelsea Peretti and Pete Holmes Showed Off Their Perfect Friendship Pete Holmes’ worst best friend Chelsea Peretti stopped by his new show last night, and she lived up to her role by immediately criticizing […]
  38. ‘@midnight’ Is Doing a Little Better than ‘Pete Holmes Show’ in the […]Two new shows launched in the same midnight timeslot during the last two weeks, and the rating are in for the initial episodes of Comedy […]
  39. last night on late night
    Watch Allison Williams F*ck/Marry/Kill GoslingShe does a Boston accent.
  40. ‘The Pete Holmes Show’ Is the Pete Holmesiest Show on Television, and […]More than a year after a pilot was made for what was then The Midnight Show with Pete Holmes, The Pete Holmes Show finally began last night […]
  41. Kumail Nanjiani and Pete Holmes Played a Round of ‘Racist or Super-Racist’ Kumail Nanjiani was the first guest on The Pete Holmes Show last night, and long-time fans of their friendship got a glimpse of the pair’s […]
  42. Talking to Pete Holmes About ‘The Pete Holmes Show’ and Making a More […]Pete Holmes is the perfect person to host a late night talk show. The standup and host of popular over-sharing podcast You Made It Weird has […]
  43. Watch Pete Holmes Fire the X-Men, One by One TBS has been releasing sketches from their new comedy series, The Pete Holmes Show, which launches next week. Here’s a recurring sketch called […]
  44. Pete Holmes’s Batman Finally Takes On Superman Pete Holmes’s version of Batman has always been less slick than most interpretations of the character, but there’s one superhero he can […]
  45. Pete Holmes Covered the Red Carpet at the BET Hip Hop Awards Pete Holmes has been out and about filming remotes for the upcoming The Pete Holmes Show, and now we get our first glimpse of his in-the-field […]
  46. Pete Holmes Tests His Relationship With Conan While Filming Promos The Pete Holmes Show premieres this October after Conan, so the two hosts have been recording some promos for the new show. As you can see, […]