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The Phantom Menace

  1. vulture lists
    Every Star Wars Movie, RankedFrom The Phantom Menace to The Rise of Skywalker.
  2. toxic fandom
    Jar Jar Binks Actor Says He Contemplated Suicide After Star Wars BacklashOn Twitter, actor Ahmed Best reflects on the impact of the hatred he received for his Phantom Menace alien.
  3. If the Star Wars Prequels Took Place in a Galaxy With Modern Child-Labor LawsWhat the prequels would look like if the Galactic Republic had employed 21st-century standards of child welfare.
  4. 35 Famous People You Forgot Were in the Star Wars PrequelsIncluding Keira Knightley, Sofia Coppola, Joel Edgerton, and the creator of Star Wars himself.
  5. star wars prequel week
    The Case for Star Wars’ Midi-ChloriansIn defense of a hated aspect of the prequels.
  6. star wars prequel week
    How The Phantom Menace’s Epic Lightsaber Fight Came TogetherIt involved fighting backwards.
  7. vulture quiz
    Can You Tell Which R2-D2 Is Older? (We Doubt It)May the Force be with you.
  8. what-ifs
    What Would Ron Howard’s Phantom Menace Be Like?Or any Ron Howard superhero movie, for that matter.
  9. Every Star Wars Lightsaber, Ranked From Worst to BestAn elegant listicle for a civilized age.
  10. star wars
    Ron Howard Was an Early Jake Lloyd DefenderRon Howard wrote a letter to an early critic.
  11. pop culture memory lane
    How a George Lucas Look-alike Crushed the Dreams of a Kid in a C-3PO SuitIn the latest “Pop Culture Memory Lane” video, hopes are dashed at the Phantom Menace premiere.
  12. star wars
    The History of George Lucas’s Star Wars Rerelease Cash GrabEvery tweak, revision, DVD, Blu-ray, and their rationales, told in a way that any Star Wars fan can instantly relate to.
  13. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: Four Films Take in More Than $20 MillionA record for a regular weekend.
  14. movie posters
    See a Series of Movie Posters That Advertise Famously Short CameosAs if you wouldn’t have seen Thelma & Louise if it were all about that hot guy in the cowboy hat.
  15. the phantom menace
    Phantom 2 Delayed’Love Never Dies’ will miss its previously scheduled fall opening on Broadway so Andrew Lloyd Webber can recover from cancer.
  16. Love Never Dies, But It Can Be RevisedWhen it hits Broadway this fall, “some changes from the London production [are] likely.”