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  1. the predator
    The Predator’s Biggest Flaw Is That It Thinks It’s a ComedyContrary to what the trailer and posters suggest, it’s a barrage of bad jokes.
  2. tiff 2018
    TIFF Review: Shane Black’s The Predator Is More Fun Than SkillfulIt throws enough at you to keep you distracted from seeing all the marks it’s not quite hitting.
  3. sexual misconduct
    Jane Doe Victim of The Predator Sex Offender Speaks Out and Gives Her NameShe says she is “eternally grateful for Olivia Munn’s action.”
  4. the predator
    Olivia Munn ‘Chastised’ by Fox for Alerting Predator Cast to Sex-Offender SceneMunn spoke about feeling isolated by her castmates with Ellen DeGeneres.
  5. the industry
    Olivia Munn Feels The Predator’s Male Cast Is Isolating HerMunn got one of the film’s scenes cut, which featured a registered sex offender.
  6. the industry
    Olivia Munn: My Concerns Working With Predator Sex Offender Met With Silence“I wouldn’t be able to morally stand behind this movie with this guy in there.”
  7. olivia munn
    Fox Cut Sex Offender From Predator Scene With Olivia MunnPredator director Shane Black has apologized.
  8. Sterling K. Brown Fears Thomas Jane’s Bare Feet More Than Any Predator“This is a white man who’s like, ‘F–k it.’”
  9. summer preview 2018
    The Most Anticipated Screen Pairings of the Summer Movie SeasonAt last, the theatrical debut of Henry Cavill’s Mission Impossible mustache!