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The Raconteurs

  1. cyber laughs
    Jack White Isn’t Doing Heroin or Selling Cold BrewThe Raconteurs frontman took to his cyber desk to dispell the rumors.
  2. right-click
    Jack White Seen Consorting With Old Man in ChurchJack White’s career apprenticing himself to roots music and its giants might climax with this reworked Raconteurs song.
  3. right-click
    The King of the Internet Slums It With WeezerPlus: New songs from Lil Wayne and Coldplay!
  4. last night’s gig
    Jack White Goes Fully Bizarro at Raconteurs ShowWhite was channeling Liberace, his co-star John C. Reilly in Walk Hard, and seventies-era Elvis.
  5. apropos of nothing
    Which Bands Should Fire Their Drummer?Obviously the Eagles. But who else?
  6. right-click
    The Raconteurs Invade EnglandPlus: New music from Young MC and Shearwater!
  7. right-click
    The New Black Crowes Song Is Okay, ProbablyPlus new tracks from the Raconteurs, PRGz, and some Aussie band that wants to stab you.
  8. leak of the week
    Leaked: Jack White Fiddles With the RaconteursWe weren’t crazy about the Raconteurs’ last album, and, well, we’re not all that crazy about this one either.
  9. apropos of nothing
    Rush Release of New Raconteurs Album Expedited by iTunes, PiratesiTunes put the new Raconteurs album on sale early. Jack White is going to be so excited!
  10. apropos of nothing
    Gnarls Barkley Narrowly Edge Out the Raconteurs in Album-Release RaceGnarls’ album is already No. 2 on iTunes!
  11. apropos of nothing
    Jack White Shocks the Recording Industry — by Actually Paying Them a Cut!The Raconteurs album is coming out in seven days — in stores!
  12. the industry
    Jeffrey Wright Is Swimming in Some Muddy WatersPlus: Ryan Gosling as Jack Ryan?