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  1. money
    The Rock Is 2016’s Highest-Paid ActorHis paydays are almost as big as his biceps.
  2. peace in our time
    The Rock Alludes to Resolution of Fast 8 DramaHe’s less furious now.
  3. feuds
    Vin Diesel Is Reportedly the Rock’s ‘Candy Ass’ Fast 8 Co-starThere’s trouble in the Fast and Furious family.
  4. feud season 2
    Which ‘Candy Ass’ in the Fast 8 Cast Angered the Rock?Who is the candy ass?
  5. fast and really furious
    Dwayne Johnson’s Opinion of His Fast 8 Male Co-Stars: ‘Candy Asses’“There’s no other franchise that gets my blood boiling more than this one.”
  6. greenlights
    The Rock & Arnold Making TV Shows About MusclesSo many muscles!
  7. war games
    Report Says Britain Cited The Rock to Enter IraqThe report was commissioned in 2009.
  8. candy
    The Rock and Kevin Hart Impersonate Each OtherJust have them host the Oscars already.
  9. youtube stars
    A Teaser for the Rock’s YouTube Channel Is HereThat which once was no longer is.
  10. roll clip!
    The Rock Reacts to Seth Rogen Aping His Fanny Pack StyleIt’s a “fancy dress outfit.”
  11. youtube stars
    The Rock Can Now Add YouTube Star to His Bulging RésuméHis production company is launching a YouTube channel with Studio71.
  12. apps
    The Rock Released Alarm-Clock App, ‘Rock Clock’Yes, he does play guitar on it.
  13. casting couch
    Kevin Hart and the Rock in Talks for JumanjiWelcome to the Jungle, it’s all Rocks and Harts.
  14. baywatch
    The Hoff Visits the Set of BaywatchMore like Baewatch.
  15. trailer mix
    See Kevin Hart and the Rock’s New Movie TrailerIf you humiliate the fat kid in front of the entire pep rally, you deserve to have the Rock come after you.
  16. muscles
    A Few Poems About How Ridiculously Ripped Zac Efron Is Right NowThank you, Baywatch?
  17. mtv movie awards
    Kevin Hart and the Rock to Host MTV Movie AwardsThey’ll be promoting Central Intelligence.
  18. 2 san 2ndreas
    A San Andreas Sequel Is HappeningThe Rock is saving the whole world now.
  19. glorious returns
    Dwayne Johnson Will Return to Grip of WrestleMania Again Next YearBeing held in Dallas on April 3.
  20. depression
    The Rock Once Battled Depression; Made It Smell What He Was CookingThe Rock has wrestled all sorts of stuff, including depression.
  21. casting couch
    Alexandra Daddario Joins Cast of Baywatch MovieYes, she will be wearing a bathing suit. Relax, pervs.
  22. fast spinoffs
    Here Are the Odds on Who Will Get a Fast and Furious Spinoff MovieSorry, Bow Wow. There’s not gonna be a Twinkie movie.
  23. celebabies
    The Rock and Girlfriend Are Having a DaughterImagine a sweet little baby crawling on the Rock’s muscles. Cute.
  24. real-life action-heroes
    The Rock Celebrated Labor Day by Saving a PuppyNot all heroes wear capes — but definitely clothes, apparently. Definitely clothes.
  25. fanfic
    Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson’s IMDb Page, 2017–2047We can smell what the Rock is cooking for the next 30 years.
  26. music
    Dwayne Johnson Shares His ‘Ball-Out Playlist’ and Dances in the GymJohnson’s gym-entrance song is Willie Hutch’s “Mack Man.”
  27. Emily Blunt, the Rock, & the Post-Furiosa Action HeroOne of these two looks like an action-hero.
  28. movies
    San Andreas Is Clunky and Ridiculous, But Not Un-FunIn San Andreas, San Francisco disintegrates while a disintegrated family is restored to wholeness, which the movie presents as a net plus for humankind.
  29. trailer mix
    See the Trailer for the Rock’s HBO Show BallersCo-starring Rob Corddry. 
  30. arbitrary contests
    The Rock Crushed It in the First Lip Sync BattleThanks to “Shake It Off.”
  31. ‘SNL’ Review: Dwayne Johnson, Man for the JobHere’s a question I never thought I’d ask: does SNL need more men? Of course not, right? Only recently has SNL begun to shake off its “boys […]
  32. last night on late night
    Dwayne Johnson Crushes His Republican Foes As the Rock Obama on SNLBarack smash!
  33. tv
    The Rock Is Hosting Saturday Night Live March 28George Ezra is the musical guest.
  34. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is Hosting ‘SNL’ on March 28thNBC has just announced that the next episode of SNL, airing on March 28th, will be hosted by Dwayne Johnson, known to some as The Rock and […]
  35. trailer mix
    The Rock Will Save California Via Helicopter and Boat in San AndreasWow, look at Dwayne John(ny Tsunami)son go!
  36. Rock Sang ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’ in a OnesieMerry Christmas, one and all.
  37. last night on late night
    Watch Dwayne Johnson and Jimmy Fallon’s Intense StaredownSee Johnson’s truly phenomenal duck face.
  38. trailer mix
    San Andreas Trailer: The Rock Fights an Earthquake, FinallyGood-bye, Hoover Dam.
  39. movies
    The Rock to Sing in Disney’s Polynesian Princess MovieHe’ll finally get a proper chance to show off his vocal skills.
  40. movies
    Why Michael Bay’s Benghazi Movie Might Be GoodIt could be like The Rock.
  41. reboots
    The Rock May Star in a Baywatch MovieHe’s “loosely attached.”
  42. dc comics
    The Rock Will Play DC Supervillain Black Adam, Archrival of Captain MarvelScourge of the desert!
  43. movie review
    Hercules Is Fun. It’s Also a Hot Mess.Starring Dwayne Johnson as the titular mythological man.
  44. snubbed
    TV Hercules Is Miffed at the Rock’s HerculesPoor guy.
  45. trailer mix
    Hercules Trailer: Rock ’Em, Sock ’Em Man-GodsTwo tickets for the gun show, please.
  46. casting couch
    The Rock to Star in Seal Team 666That’s the real title.
  47. reality tv
    The Rock Gets a Do-Gooder Reality Show on TNTHe will “lend a helping hand to everyday people who are facing enormous challenges.”
  48. movie stars
    The Year of Rock: How the Former Wrestler Became King of the Action-Cinema RingIt’s not hard to smell what The Rock is cooking this summer — it’s box-office domination.
  49. pilots
    Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is Starring in and Producing a Pilot for HBOExecutive-produced by Mark Wahlberg.
  50. quiz
    Macho Quote Quiz: Marky Mark Lyrics or the Rock’s Smack Talk? Who said “If you ain’t in it to win it, then get the hell out”?
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