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    Kumail Nanjiani on Being a Brown Romantic Hero, and Making a Funny Coma Movie“I was not getting offered romantic leading roles. I’ve always played some version of a nerdy guy or something like that.”
  2. the rom com lives
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Showrunners Break Down 9 Songs From Season TwoWhy they “went to battle” to keep their favorite songs on the show.
  3. the rom com lives
    The Best British TV Rom-Coms to Stream Right NowCatastrophe, Lovesick, and more great picks from across the pond.
  4. Kevin Hart and the Plight of the Modern Black Rom-ComIn modern romantic comedies, nonwhite love comes as a package deal.
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    Why Young A-List Actresses Don’t Make Romantic Comedies AnymoreStars like Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan made their careers in rom-coms. Why have their successors stayed away?
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    Like It or Not, The Bachelor Is the Quintessential Rom-Com of Our TimeIt’s the rom-com we deserve, even if it’s not the one we want.
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    Why the Grand Romantic Gesture Will Never DieWe may be cynical about schmaltzy rom-com moments, but we still crave them.
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    Why Texting Is Such a Rich Narrative Tool for the Modern Romantic ComedyIt’s a convenient, compact ticking narrative time bomb.
  9. The 34 Best Romantic Comedies of the Past Decade, and Where to Stream ThemIncluding Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Her, and Obvious Child.
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    How the CW Mastered the Superhero Rom-ComSupergirl and its sister shows are pushing the genre into bold new territory.
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    The Romantic Comedy Is Not Dead — It’s Just Not the Same As You RememberToday, Vulture begins a weeklong examination of the state of the genre.