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The Shining

  1. deep dives
    The Discomforting Legacy of Wendy TorranceShelley Duvall’s performance in The Shining is just one of the many bold, perplexing aspects of Stanley Kubrick’s beloved adaptation.
  2. endings
    Is Doctor Sleep a Faithful Sequel to The Shining? It’s Complicated.Let’s talk about the ending of Mike Flanagan’s Stephen King adaptation, and how it diverges from Stanley Kubrick’s universe.
  3. movie review
    Doctor Sleep Is a Horror Film of Messy PleasuresMike Flanagan’s spiritual sequel to The Shining is elevated by great performances. But King’s and Kubrick’s legacies loom large.
  4. vulture lists
    20 Essential Cold-Weather ThrillersMovies worth bundling up for.
  5. castings
    Ewan McGregor Will Be Grown Up Danny in Shining Sequel Doctor SleepMaybe he’ll go by Daniel now.
  6. stephen king adaptations
    Gerald’s Game Director Is Adapting Stephen King’s Shining SequelWarner Bros. is betting on the reliability of Mike Flanagan.
  7. Horror Movies Are Now, Officially, Preferable to Real LifeWe’ve reached the horror-movie Singularity.
  8. All 64 Stephen King Books, RankedLooking back over more than 40 years’ worth of his work.
  9. we're yelp elite now
    We Found Yelp Reviews From Famous Movie HotelsFor when you’re planning your next vacation to the Overlook or the Park Hyatt.
  10. the shining
    David Cronenberg Totally Dissed Stanley Kubrick“I find The Shining not to be a great film”
  11. book review
    Kathryn Schulz on Doctor SleepOnce it stops being bad, how good is it?
  12. All of Stephen King’s TV Work, RankedThe Stand, Salem’s Lot, The Shining
  13. redrum
    The Walking Dead’s Glen Mazzara Will Write The Shining PrequelRedrum, redrum.
  14. echoes
    Showrunner Bryan Fuller Explains Hannibal’s Nod to The ShiningHe tried to do it on Pushing Daisies.
  15. crazy town
    17 Moments in The Shining Where Jack Nicholson Looks Totally CrazyOr is he just being Jack Nicholson?
  16. movie review
    Edelstein: Room 237 Is a Cine-Nerd’s Vindication and HumiliationThis documentary looks at some theories (You decide whether they’re crazy or not) about Kubrick’s The Shining.
  17. debunked
    Kubrick’s Shining Assistant: Room 237 Is Silly“A lot of decisions made on the set were about pragmatism: ‘This looks good.’”
  18. room 237
    Toy Story 3’s Director on His Shining ObsessionHe loves it so much that he started a site devoted to the film and helped fund the new documentary Room 237.
  19. movies
    Inside the Crowded Cult of The Shining TheoristsA new documentary explores the meanings that obsessive fans of the film have extracted.
  20. movies
    Four Theories on The Shining From the New Documentary Room 237Is it really about Native American genocide? Or the faked Apollo moon landing?
  21. trailer mix
    Watch a Teaser for The Shining Documentary, Room 237It’s kind of terrifying. 
  22. deleted scenes
    Read the Deleted Ending for Stanley Kubrick’s The ShiningWe were supposed to learn Danny and Wendy were alright.
  23. the shining
    High Schoolers Performed The Shining: The MusicalKids reenact the darndest Kubrick films.
  24. close reads
    What Breaking Bad Owes to The ShiningAll work and no play makes Walt a dull boy.
  25. vulture video
    Watch The Newsroom’s Characters React to Other Movie Freak-outsStarring Maggie’s wide-eyed stare and Don’s OMG face.
  26. oddly timed prequels
    The Shining May Get a Big-Screen PrequelWarner Bros. is exploring the possibility with the screenwriter of Shutter Island.
  27. mashups
    Every Zoom in The ShiningHere’s Johnny, synchronized!
  28. rejected pitches
    Watch Rejected Pitches for The Shining and E.T.On E.T.: “What child leaves home and then throws a turd in their basket?”
  29. clickables
    Watch All the Zooming From The Shining at OnceAaaaah.
  30. toy story
    See Illustrations of Toy Story Reimagined As The ShiningCongratulations, Tom Hanks! You found a way to be spooky!
  31. books
    Stephen King Reveals Sequel to The ShiningIt’s called ‘Dr. Sleep.’
  32. books
    Reading Is FundamentalAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  33. vulture lists
    10 Beloved Characters, 10 Ignoble DeathsVulture takes a look at ten other characters whose ignoble deaths made us shake our heads and think, He deserved better.