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The Situation

  1. the law
    Will Michael Cohen Hang Out With Billy McFarland and the Situation in Prison?What you need to know about locked-up celebs.
  2. gym tan lawsuit
    Jersey Shore’s ‘the Situation’ Indicted for Tax Evasion and Falsifying RecordsThis isn’t the first time he’s made headlines.
  3. life after reality tv
    Live Like Snooki and the Situation for $1,200 a NightPlus, seven other reality abodes you can rent for the right price.
  4. reality rumble
    Reality Battle: American Idol vs. Jersey ShoreA cuddly rivalry vs. an angry gorilla juicehead.
  5. jersey shore
    The Situation Is Going to RehabWill the next season of Jersey Shore be a dry one?
  6. seeing the future
    A Chilling Glimpse Into Why Jersey Shore Should Call It QuitsWe make unsettling predictions for what would happen to Snooki et al., if allowed to continue for one more season.
  7. it's complicated
    Abercrombie & Fitch Will Pay The Situation to Not Wear Their ClothesBut things weren’t always so hostile.
  8. clickables
    Watch The Situation Hit On Jesse Eisenberg in ItalianFor future reference, “ciao” is not a “line” that works on Eisenberg.
  9. The Situation’s Jokes Comedy Central Cut Are the Worst Jokes EverSure, The Situation bombed pretty badly on TV last night during the roast of Donald Trump. But hoo boy, he comes off even worse when you read […]
  10. jersey shore
    The Situation Gets Booed While Roasting Donald TrumpBecause booing is what you do at roasts.
  11. gtl
    What Did the Jersey Shore Gang Do on Their ‘Vacations’?From Snooki experimenting with satellite-dish-size hats to Pauly bonding with Goofy, it’s all here.
  12. clickables
    Watch the Blooper Reel From The Situation’s Workout DVD“I am 100 percent in delirium right now.”
  13. jersey shore
    The Situation Is Lonely“Obviously it’s a blessing — the women and the money and the fame, but at the same time it’s — it’s actually very lonely. Very lonely.”
  14. clickables
    Watch Bristol Palin and The Situation’s Excruciating Pro-Abstinence PSA“Abstinence has the word abs in it.”
  15. quote machine
    Jake Gyllenhaal Kick-starts Anne Hathaway’s Oscar CampaignPlus: Will Ferrell, shoplifter.
  16. clickables
    The Situation Teaches You How to Beat Up the BeatJezebel has landed an early copy of ‘Here’s the Situation.’
  17. dancing with the stars
    Dancing With the Stars No Longer Has a ‘Situation’The ‘Jersey Shore’ star was eliminated tonight, even after changing his haircut.
  18. dancing with the stars
    Poor Michael Bolton Did Not Take His Dancing With the Stars Dismissal Well“My mom was there, she flew in, she’s 90 … I thought she was really going to enjoy it.”
  19. dancing with the stars
    What Dance Moves Will Best Accentuate The Situation’s Situation?“Probably he should be more sexually open to women’s sensual side.”
  20. vmas 2010
    See All The VMA Red Carpet LooksWork work fashion baby; get your Halloween costume ideas here…
  21. jersey shore
    The Situation to Dancing With the StarsShirtless.
  22. payday!
    The Situation Earned More in 2010 than CeraHe’ll make $5 million this year.
  23. the situation
    Bones Will Not Be Featuring The SituationTalks fall through.