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The Smurfs Movie

  1. The Smurfs Movie Seemingly 5 Seconds Away From Making Fun Of The Smurfs […] The Smurfs movie trailer can barely even BELIEVE that it’s the Smurfs movie trailer, you guys. As much as I love Neil Patrick Harris and Hank […]
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    See a Promo Image for The SmurfsSince when did Smurfette have Kim Zolciak wig-hair?
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    Smurfs Teaser Trailer: All Blue EverythingNot much to see here.
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    See Video Evidence of Hank Azaria As The Smurfs’ GargamelPoor Hank Azaria.
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    Industry Roundup: Elizabeth Perkins, RourkePlus: Tim Gunn to play an assistant in ‘Smurfs.’
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    Neil Patrick Harris Has Never Been Happier Not to Be a SmurfInstead, he’s perfectly happy talking to the empty space that CGI Smurfs will be added to later.
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    See the First Photos of Hank Azaria As The Smurfs’ GargamelBeautiful.
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    See Neil Patrick Harris Shooting The SmurfsBut where are the Smurfs?
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    Industry: Clash of the Titans 2, Pee-wee SmurfPlus: Ice Cube to star with Woody Harrelson.
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    Industry Roundup: Sofia Vergara, Jamie FoxxPlus: Evanescence to drop new album this fall.
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    Industry Roundup: Reese, Kutcher and Portman…Plus: Miranda Cosgrove is a very, very rich teenager.
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    Ryan Gosling to Play Steve Carell’s BFFPlus: Katy Perry to play a smurf?
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    Neil Patrick Harris To Star In Smurfs MoviePlus: De Niro joins Cooper in ‘Fields.’
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    Will Smith to Destroy Manhattan AgainPlus: The Smurfs movie to have a director.
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    Hugh Grant and Zhang Ziyi Speak the Language of LovePlus: Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen return to Broadway in spring 2009.