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The Social Network

  1. friday night movie club
    Why The Social Network Feels Sharper Now Than It Did When It First Came OutDavid Fincher’s masterpiece, now streaming on Netflix, isn’t really about the internet — it’s about power.
  2. lawyer up asshole
    Dylan O’Brien’s Social Network Impression Is … Terrific?Andrew Garfield approves.
  3. hunter's line readings
    This One Line From The Social Network Plays on a Loop in My HeadIn memory of the f- -k Armie Hammer couldn’t give.
  4. the crime scene
    Every David Fincher Movie, RankedKillers, cops, and founders.
  5. facebook
    Aaron Sorkin Says Producer Scott Rudin Bugging Him About Social Network SequelA lot’s gone down since 2010.
  6. david fincher
    David Fincher Really Loves Fridges, As Revealed by This Charming SupercutWhich appliances are big in your artistic life?
  7. movies
    Meet Mark Woollen, the Arthouse Trailer EditorHe is the uncontested auteur of the trailer era.
  8. vulture quiz
    Is This a Clip From a Trent Reznor Score or a Household Appliance?Are you watching a David Fincher film, or are you just in Sears?
  9. conversations
    Sorkin on The Newsroom and Sounding SmartThe banter auteur is back on the small screen after a sojourn in Hollywood. And in talking about television, he just can’t contain himself.
  10. recylced material
    Aaron Sorkin’s Regurgitated Syracuse Commencement AddressHow to write like Sorkin: Repurpose an old speech, throw in some West Wing quotes.
  11. facebook
    See the Imagined Facebook Timeline of Mark ZuckerbergThe Zuck gets the yuk-yuk treatment.
  12. What David Fincher Would Have Said If He’d Won the OscarAaron Sorkin teases the speech that never happened.
  13. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls Analyze Justin Timberlake’s Style EvolutionFrom denim ensembles to Ryan Gosling–esque couture and all the white tracksuits in between.
  14. Font of Knowledge: Futura’s Great Moments in Pop CultureWhat do Ron Swanson, Sandra Bullock, and J.J. Abrams have in common? One elegant typeface.
  15. casting
    Social Network’s Other Winklevoss Joins Dark KnightThis time, he won’t have his face replaced with Armie Hammer’s.
  16. clickables
    Watch Conan Channel the Winklevii in a Social Network ReenactmentIt involves a green-screen mask.
  17. the social network
    What Producers Do: Explaining The Social Network’s Social NetworkA guide for the perplexed.
  18. one sheets
    Deconstructing the Adjustment Bureau Poster’Mad Men’ and ‘The Social Network’ influences are strong with this one.
  19. roasts
    The Good Wife Sticks It to Aaron Sorkin and The Social NetworkObnoxious and arrogant fast-talk! Former drug problems! Feuds with blog commenters!
  20. exclusive
    See How The Social Network Made the Winklevoss Twins Through Special-Effects MagicWe’ve got a video that explains the digital tricks used so one actor (Armie Hammer) could become the Winklevii.
  21. kudos
    Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter Win BAFTA AwardsBut Tom Hooper lost to David Fincher.
  22. kudos
    Inception Scores WGA Screenplay AwardSee all the winners.
  23. actors
    Jesse Eisenberg Does Not Like to Be Mixed Up With Michael Cera“It’s annoying.”
  24. scheduling
    Five Reasons We Wish the 2011 Oscars Had Happened in JanuarySurprises! Bad behavior! Christopher Nolan!
  25. guns
    David Fincher Keeps a Rifle on His DeskTo keep all those intimidating actors on their toes.
  26. clickables
    Watch the Entire 93-Minute Social Network Making-Of DocumentaryIt’s all on IMDb.
  27. kudos
    Harvey Weinstein’s Five Talking Points to Guarantee a King’s Speech Oscar WinIncluding, “Let movie stars tell you whom to vote for.”
  28. the social network
    Mark Zuckerberg May Appear With Jesse Eisenberg on SNLHe’ll be funny!
  29. movies
    The Social Network Gang Is Like a Boy Band: Who’s Your Type?Breaking down the dynamics of the Oscar season’s finest foursome.
  30. cheek by jowl
    The State of the Union vs. the Oscar Noms: How Different Were They?The two biggest things that happened yesterday go head-to-head.
  31. clickables
    See Small Children Act Out 2011’s Best Picture Nominees[Unintelligible Boston accents.]
  32. oscar race 2011
    The Oscar Nominees Are Out — Now Here Are Their NarrativesVulture’s taken a look at the newest crop of contenders and the careful narrative crafted for each.
  33. hubris
    Aaron Sorkin Blames Anti-Zuckerberg Bias on His Fictional CharactersHe’s sorry, Mark Zuckerberg, it was just one of the characters in his movie who said those nasty things about you.
  34. friend requests
    Aaron Sorkin: Mark Zuckerberg Grew Up to Be a Good ManAnd not an asshole.
  35. kudos
    The Social Network Wins Best Picture at Critics Choice AwardsNatalie Portman takes home a trophy, too.
  36. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: What Do the Guilds Have Against True Grit?Who’s up? Who’s down?
  37. zing!
    David Fincher Gets Served by Aaron SorkinEmmy-winner zing!
  38. awkward
    Armond White Reminds Filmmakers Why They Hate Critics at the NYFCCInsulting winners ‘The Social Network’ and ‘The Kids Are All Right,’ White made for an uncomfortable evening.
  39. clickables
    Watch the Stars of Jackass Reenact The Social NetworkIncluding the most unlikely Winklevoss twins ever: Wee Man and Preston Lacy.
  40. kudos
    Social Network Lands On BAFTA’s Potential-Nominees List, Scores National Society of Film Critics AwardSaves children.
  41. party chat
    Armie Hammer Is Ready to Age Several Decades for J. EdgarAlso, find out who Judi Dench is playing in the Clint Eastwood–directed biopic.
  42. movies
    The Social Network Is Getting a Theatrical RereleaseSony really wants to hit that $100 million mark.
  43. kudos
    WGA Nominations AnnouncedTwo surprises: ‘Please Give’ and ‘I Love You Phillip Morris.’
  44. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Christmas EditionWho’s up? Who’s down?
  45. the industry
    Industry Roundup: New Shonda Rhimes Pilot Green-LitPlus: Alec Baldwin offered a role in ‘Rock of Ages’?
  46. the star market
    The Star Market: Can Justin Timberlake Succesfully Reinvent Himself As a Movie Star?“I think the question mark is whether men will connect with him,” notes one rep.
  47. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: You Know What’s Cool? A Billion Critics’ AwardsWho’s up? Who’s down?
  48. kudos
    Social Network Takes New York Critics’ Top Prize’The Kids Are All Right’ also scores big.
  49. kudos
    Social Network Wins L.A. and Boston Critics AwardsAlso: ‘Tiny Furniture.’
  50. breaking
    AFI Honors Black Swan, Boardwalk EmpireSee ‘em all.
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