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The Special Without Brett Davis

  1. goodbyes
    10 of the Weirdest and Most Surreal Moments From The Special Without Brett DavisSaying good-bye to a delightfully bizarre public-access show.
  2. ‘Truth or Myth with Smith’ Returned Last Night After a Year AwayIt’s been quite a while since we heard from Smith, the stuffy public access producer who sabotaged The Chris Gethard Show last year and took […]
  3. Hanging Out at the Intersection of Comedy and Art with Lorelei RamirezNew York City has so much comedy that it’s nearly impossible to stand out, especially if all you’re doing is standup. However, some comedians […]
  4. Brett Davis on Taking Over for ‘The Chris Gethard Show’Comedian Brett Davis has been making name for himself – well, several names for himself. Known to many as Smith, rival public access host to […]