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The Spice Girls

  1. spice up your life
    Watch Adele Reflect on Humanity and the Passage of Time at a Spice Girls Concert“We’re all mums now!”
  2. music
    Spice Girls Kick Off Reunion Tour With Sound Issues, Tequila ShotsAre you not entertained?!
  3. music
    This Is Not a Drill: 80 Percent of the Spice Girls Are Reuniting for a TourIt’s happening! Well, mostly.
  4. rehab
    Mel B. Entering Rehab for PTSD Following Divorce“I am fully aware I am at a crisis point.”
  5. 90s nostalgia
    Backstreet Boy Performed in Drag as the Spice GirlsObviously they sang “Wannabe.”
  6. spice girls
    Victoria Beckham Denies the Spice Girls Are Going on TourHere’s the story from A to Z.
  7. la la la la la la la la!
    People of the World, the Spice Girls Had a Reunion Today“Love my girls!!!”
  8. 20 Years Later, Spice World Is … Weirdly RelevantFor all its failings as a 1998 feminist film, it inadvertently kinda works as a 2018 one.
  9. last night on late night
    Mel B Confirms Partial Spice Girls ReunionVictoria and Mel C have given their blessings to their fellow Spice Girls reuniting.
  10. reunions
    The Spice Girls, Reborn As a Spice Trio, Tease a Spice MysteryProbably involving their rumored 20th-anniversary tour.
  11. not posh
    Victoria Beckham on Spice Girls: My Mic Was Off“I just used to jig about a bit and I got away with it.”
  12. adele
    Adele Doesn’t Want Her Son Photographed for the Coolest Cool-Mom ReasonsAnd more from her Vogue profile.
  13. reunited and it feels so weird
    Eva Longoria Kicked Mel B Out of the Spice GirlsNo, not really.
  14. zig a zig ha
    Watch Emma Stone Cry Over Spice Girl Mel BAnd recite (part of) the “Wannabe” rap.