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The State

  1. David Wain Brings the History of ‘National Lampoon’ to Life with ‘A Futile […]David Wain is no stranger to disrupting an unsuspecting comedy mainstream. Before solidifying himself as a household name as the […]
  2. When Things Feel Hopeless, Turn to ‘The State’s Stupidity2016 was a very, very bad year no matter how you slice it. In tough times, comedy is often a form of escape that people turn to when they need […]
  3. Michael Ian Black and the Art of Debate As the 2016 presidential election quickly approaches, many people’s eyes are set on the debates. In timely fashion, Seeso is rolling out its […]
  4. comics talk to comics
    Michael Ian Black Talks to Kevin Allison About the State and Pee Parties“I have a lot of compassion for everyone in the group except for myself.”
  5. oral history
    Book Excerpt: The Union of the State “When I first met Tom Lennon, I thought he was the snootiest prick in the world.” —Joe Lo Truglio 
  6. An Oral History of ‘The State’ Is Out in MayIf you always wanted a book-length oral history of The State, your prayers have been answered, because today David Wain announced that a State […]
  7. a book!
    The State to Release a Complete Oral HistorySo much more than Reno 911!, though oh man, also Reno 911!
  8. fall tv 2013
    Michael Ian Black Is Developing a Family Sitcom for ABC With Ben Stiller It’s based on Black’s You’re Not Doing It Right.
  9. tv
    From Weird Al to Beavis to Undressed: A History Lesson on MTV’s Scripted ShowsWhat, you forgot ‘Sifl & Olly’ and ‘The Young Ones’? What have Snooki and Co. done to you?
  10. Tales from the Road: A Conversation with Michael Ian BlackMichael Ian Black is a founding member of The State, a comedy troupe that produced the last intentionally funny programming ever seen on MTV. […]
  11. The State’s ‘Lost Album’ Is Available NowThe State’s “lost album,” Comedy for Gracious Living, is out now on Rhino records. Although, from the sound of the description, it may be […]
  12. the industry
    NBC Does Something Right, Gives Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant a ShowPlus: Zombie romance is finally here.
  13. apropos of nothing
    Is a ‘Wet Hot American Musical’ on the Way? Reading David Wain’s Tea LeavesWhat does “there’s been talk of a musical” really mean?
  14. last night's gig
    Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black Regale Sold-Out Crowd With Cavalcade of Dick JokesAt a sold-out Irving Plaza on Saturday, Showalter and Black, on tour in support of their respective debut albums, filled up two and a half hours with more dick jokes than you’d expect from successful indie comedians.