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The Streaming Wars

  1. tough breaks
    We Know a Little Bit More About Netflix’s Advertising PlanPrepare to be interrupted.
  2. the present moment
    How to Give Netflix, Hulu, and Other Streaming Services As GiftsFor dads or anyone else who’d enjoy a log-in of their own.
  3. buffering
    Can Stranger Things Reverse Netflix’s Bad Headlines?The stakes are higher than ever for the show to succeed.
  4. buffering
    CBS’s Success and the Case for Paramount+Turns out, people love to stream old-fashioned network television.
  5. buffering
    The Revenge of the Budget StreamersWith Netflix down, the Tubis and Freevees of the world are looking to pounce.
  6. vertical integration
    Bravo Is Taking Its Reality-TV Empire to PeacockBye-bye, Hulu. Hello, next-day streaming.
  7. obits
    RIP, CNN+ (March 2022–April 2022)It’s ending two days earlier than announced, just missing a full pay cycle.
  8. buffering
    Netflix’s Bad Habits Have Caught Up With ItA hard look at what happened to the company, and what will happen next.
  9. yikes
    Netflix’s Quarterly Report: Bad! Also: Ads?Subscribers are down for the first time in over a decade, and changes may be on the way.
  10. what’s in a name?
    Um, IMDB TV Is Called Freevee NowNot a Pokémon!
  11. digital video
    Netflix Adds Another ThumbThe new feature is already live.
  12. disney villains night
    Get Ready for More Dancing With the Stars Disney NightsAiring on Disney+, it’ll be the first live reality series on streaming.
  13. buffering
    The Future of Streaming According to Jason KilarThe departing WarnerMedia CEO talks to us about his HBO Max successes, his competitors, and what he sees next.
  14. buffering
    CNN+ Has Quibi VibesThe streaming news app isn’t worth the price — at least not yet.
  15. buffering
    What’s at Stake for the Streamers at the OscarsNo matter what happens, Apple may have already won the season.
  16. the streaming wars
    Which One of These Never-ending Netflix Dating Shows Is Your Right Match?The streamer announced plans to renew and spin off its shows to no end.
  17. the streaming wars
    YouTube Adds Hours (and Hours, and Hours) of Free Movies and TVWith a hundred more titles to be added weekly.
  18. password policing
    Netflix Is Cracking Down on Password SharingIt’s just a test. For now.
  19. buffering
    Why Commercials Are Coming to the Biggest StreamersHigher subscription rates for some, ads for everyone else.
  20. streamliner
    Peacock’s New President Is Ready to Take ‘Big Swings’Kelly Campbell tells us about her vision for the streaming service’s future.
  21. international streaming
    Netflix Suspends Service in RussiaFollowing their decision not to air Russian propaganda last week.
  22. the streaming wars
    It’s Official: New NBC Episodes Will Stream on Peacock Instead of HuluThe new arrangement will begin in September.
  23. the streaming wars
    The Murphy-verse Is Moving to HuluIncluding Impeachment: American Crime Story, streaming for the first time.
  24. international streaming
    Netflix Has ‘No Plans’ to Air Russian PropagandaThe company issued a statement the day before a Russian broadcast rule was to take effect.
  25. buffering
    Why Season 4 of Stranger Things Will Be Split in TwoThe streamer is making a slight adjustment to the binge model.
  26. buffering
    Paramount Is Finally Getting Serious About the Streaming FutureA name change, more Sheridan content, and a move away from the ‘arms dealer’ strategy.
  27. buffering
    The Great Netflix Panic of ‘22It’s been a rough week for Netflix stockholders. But how bad are things really?
  28. buffering
    Peacock Now Has 17 Million SubscribersBut it’s also losing a lot of money for Comcast.
  29. buffering
    What If Netflix Raised Its Prices and Nobody Cared?The bigger problem right now: Wall Street is worried the service isn’t growing fast enough.
  30. buffering
    The Streaming Shows Are Coming From Inside the HouseHow the TV world is turning into a modern-day studio system.
  31. buffering
    The 5 Trends That Shaped Streaming in 2021Unexpected subscriber numbers, international breakthroughs, and the shrinking theatrical window.
  32. we’ll do it live
    Paramount+ Thinks Live Channels Can Make Your Streaming Life EasierWe talked to ViacomCBS president Tom Ryan about the service and how it fits into the company’s overall streaming strategy.
  33. the streaming wars
    FX on Hulu Is Now Just FX (But Still on Hulu)Disney’s kill count rises.
  34. buffering
    Did HBO Max Win the Year?We talked to Casey Bloys about the hot streaming service’s ups and downs.
  35. prequels
    Yeehaw, Yellowstone Is Getting a PrequelY: 1883 will be a Dutton family origin story, and it will stream on Paramount+.
  36. streamliner
    6 Mobile Plans That Can Get You a Free Streaming ServiceYou get a free Disney+! And you get a free HBO Max! And you get a free Netflix!
  37. buffering
    No Subscriptions, Big Money: How Free Streamers Are Changing TV’s Business ModelChannels like Buzzr are finding a way to compete in the streaming wars.
  38. the streaming wars
    Netflix Gets the Golden Ticket to Roald Dahl’s CatalogueOr maybe the goose that lays the golden egg? There’s a lot of money involved.
  39. streamliner
    The Price Is Right on the New Showtime and Paramount+ Bundle, But It Won’t LastIt’s cheaper than getting Showtime by itself, for now.
  40. american streaming story
    Hold On, Is Impeachment: American Crime Story Not on ‘FX on Hulu’?You might need a cable login for this one.
  41. buffering
    Fall Forecast: How Each Big Streamer Plans to Win the SeasonAnd just like that, the streaming wars are reignited.
  42. streamliner
    Well, Hulu Is Going to Cost You an Extra Dollar SoonIt’s all a ploy to get you to sign up for the bundle.
  43. re-releases
    Revisit Aaliyah’s Iconic Second Album, One in a MillionThe streaming release of her catalogue has finally begun.
  44. the streaming wars
    The Academy of Country Music Awards Are Heading to Amazon Prime VideoMarking the first award show to go streaming only.
  45. buffering
    Why Amazon Is Making Us Wait for Lord of the RingsAre you ready for some Gandalf?
  46. comedy
    South Park Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone Ink $900 Million ViacomCBS DealCovering six more seasons on Comedy Central and 14 movies for Paramount+.
  47. buffering
    12 Hollywood Insiders Reveal Who’s Really Winning the Streaming WarsExecs, agents, producers, and publicists get candid about the town’s new power players.
  48. streamliner
    Pluto Is the Weird, Free Streaming Service You Aren’t UsingNo subscription fees, no log-ins, just vibes.
  49. streamliner
    Which Free Streaming Services Should You Be Using?How to tell apart your Pluto from your Xumo.
  50. the streaming wars
    The Hottest Streamer (Right Now)Who is winning the platform wars?
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