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The Strokes

  1. drugs
    The Strokes Share Details of Their Rock-Star Excesses“Wow, did I really complain that they brought me a Veuve Clicquot when I asked for Cristal?’”
  2. radio vulture
    The Strokes Sound Nostalgic for Themselves on Their New SingleWord is “Under Cover of Darkness” is a return to form. Well, yes and no.
  3. jams
    Kanye, Arcade Fire, the Strokes Headlining CoachellaThe 2011 festival has an impressive lineup.
  4. dates
    The Strokes’ Release Date Is ConfirmedMarch 22!
  5. cover story
    Julian Casablancas Goads New Strokes Album Fervor With Fake Cover“Exclusive — check out the new Strokes album cover … ”
  6. reunions
    The Strokes Scrapped Their Original Studio Sessions Before Finishing Their New Album“We spent the last 6 months recording in my studio upstate and we are beyond thrilled with the 10 songs we have for this record.”
  7. comebacks
    The Strokes’ New Album Is Finished“Still not going to be out for a few months-mixing, etc, but JUST finally finished it yesterday actually!?”
  8. last night's gig
    The Strokes Play the Met!“What is up? It’s been my dream since I was a little boy to play the Metropolitan Opera.”
  9. dates
    The New Strokes Album Almost Gets a Release DateA release month, at least.
  10. reunions
    The Strokes Played a Tiny Club in London Last NightSee them rock “Last Nite.”
  11. party chat
    Fabrizio Moretti: Strokes Album Out Soon“We got the chance to just kind of jam it out with each other.”
  12. lollapalooza
    Lollapalooza Gets Green Day, Lady Gaga, Soundgarden, and the StrokesPlus, a whole bunch of other bands.
  13. beef
    The Strokes: Reunited, But Not Feeling So GoodJulian Casablancas: “If I wasn’t in the room, they could kind of spread their wings, if you will.”
  14. festivals
    Names of Lollapalooza Headliners LeakAnd they are …
  15. back in the saddle
    The Strokes Get Back to Stroking ItThe ball is finally rolling on their fourth album.
  16. new york city cops
    The Strokes Take Top Spot on NME’s List of Decade’s Best AlbumsOther NYC-area acts include Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol, Jay-Z, and more.
  17. last night's gig
    Secret Show Finds Julian Casablancas Possibly Adrift, Probably Happy Out in L.A.You couldn’t help but think Casablancas was entering the Evan Dando/Alex Chilton stage, where unrealized stardom slides into a “now what?” twilight zone.
  18. creative differences
    Julian Casablancas Admits There Are ‘Disagreements’ About the Future Direction of the StrokesThis does not bode well.
  19. right-click
    Julian Casablancas Drops the TempoHis new material sounds like the Strokes on barbiturates.
  20. side projects
    Music-Starved Fans of the Strokes Will Have to Satiate Themselves With a New Julian Casablancas Solo RecordThe lead singer has a new solo LP, ‘Phrazes for the Young,’ on the horizon.
  21. right-click
    Arctic Monkey Does the Work of At Least Three StrokesPlus: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez!
  22. the early-evening news
    Ironic Moviegoers Come Out in ForcePlus: The Pirate Bay gets charged!
  23. last night's gig
    Albert Hammond Jr., Big-Haired Dreamboat