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The Switch

  1. movie review
    Life of Crime Doesn’t Transcend Its Haphazard StorySolid cast, but the story’s kind of deflating.
  2. Will Forte to Star in the Elmore Leonard Adaptation ‘The Switch’Will Forte and Tim Robbins just signed on to replace Ty Burrell and Dennis Quaid in supporting roles in writer/director Dan Schechter’s […]
  3. interviews
    Meet Allan Loeb, the Most Prolific Screenwriter in HollywoodLoeb’s name has been on four wildly different movies in the past six months. Here’s how he managed to write for both Oliver Stone and Adam Sandler.
  4. talk
    Review The Switch in One SentenceCare to take issue with the verisimilitude of the plot, or interested in paying tribute to the adorableness of Jason Bateman?
  5. the industry
    Box Office: Expendables Easily Tromps NewbiesGuess how many men made ‘The Switch’ a priority this weekend.
  6. the star market
    The Star Market: Jennifer AnistonHer box-office track record isn’t as strong as her newsstand record.
  7. summer of semen
    Sperm-Donor Comedies Really Old-Fashioned’The Switch’ has a pro-family message a conservative could love.
  8. trailer mix
    The Switch Trailer: Focus-Grouped and Improved“I think I have cyclothyme disorder.”