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    The Wire Alumni Watch, Part IIWith new movies from Stringer Bell and Jimmy McNulty out this weekend, we take a look at the rest of the cast’s post-’Wire’ activities.
  2. the take
    The Russell Crowe Gimmick: A HistoryAgain and again, Crowe plays tough guys — and tries to humanize them with some too poetic, too cute detail, to ridiculous, distracting effect.
  3. the take
    Are We Approaching a Nicolas Cage Tipping Point?Could 2009 be the year we finally wash our hands of action hero Nicolas Cage?
  4. the take
    The Aaron Sorkin Facebook Movie: A Facebook HistoryWatch Aaron Sorkin go to work — as reflected in his Facebook status updates for Tuesday, September 2, 2008.
  5. the take
    Will We Hate the New ‘90210’ As Much As Jennie and Shannen Do?’When they told me that, I thought, Aaron Spelling is rolling over in his grave right now.’
  6. the take
    ‘Piss Christ’ Photographer Andres Serrano Craps Out Some New ArtSerrano has a new show opening next month at the Yvon Lambert Gallery, and he’s moved his focus from No. 1 to, naturally, No. 2.
  7. the take
    How Will Christopher Nolan ‘Dark Knight’–ify the Stupider Batman Villains?Could a short, chubby dork really take on Christian Bale’s high-tech Batman while wearing a monocle?
  8. the take
    Fire Up Your Silk Screen: Mickey Mouse Might Be in the Public DomainDisney, of course, doesn’t think this is nearly as hilarious as we do.
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    ‘The Rocker’ Continues the Curse of ‘The Office’Movies starring ‘Office’ principals have been consistently bad — and unpopular — since the series became a hit.
  10. the take
    A ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Is a Lousy IdeaWho’s gonna pay for a movie based on the 148th most popular show on TV?
  11. the take
    German Producers Put 100,000-Euro Bounty on Reviewers of ‘Der Baader Meinhof Komplex’German critics are rolling up their sleeves to hate on the biggest German-language movie of the year.
  12. the take
    Which Will Germans Find More Offensive: ‘Valkyrie’ or ‘Inglorious Bastards’?Will ordinary Germans be more upset about the scalpings or about the eye patch?
  13. the take
    The Adventures of ‘Beijing Ben’ SilvermanThe chairman of NBC is reporting from the Olympics, in as inimitable a fashion as you might expect.
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    Claire Danes, Having Watched ‘Tropic Thunder,’ Takes Autistic RoleHBO announces Danes’s Temple Grandin biopic the same week that ‘Tropic Thunder’ makes fun of actors playing the disabled.
  15. the take
    Whit Stillman Offers Praise for August Movies — and Might Finally Be Directing a New OneAn insightful interview of the nineties indie-comedy favorite suggests he might have a movie set in Jamaica shooting soon.
  16. the take
    The New York ‘Times’ Takes a Stand Against French HornsWhat on earth is so hateable about an instrument mostly known as the one that no one in your tenth-grade concert band wanted to play?
  17. the take
    ‘Mad Men’: Last Night’s Skirt Scene Was Don Draper’s Tony Soprano MomentYou think this is escapism, lifestyle fun, ‘Entourage’ with better suits? Wrong-o.
  18. the take
    Did the Beijing Opening Ceremony Finally Make Opening Ceremonies Cool Again?The ball’s in your court, London.
  19. the take
    Why a Tiny New Production Company Might Be Taking Up Carrie Bradshaw’s MantleRemember just a few months ago when ‘Sex and the City’ came out and when the media was all ‘This just in: Women go to the movies, too’?
  20. the take
    Tom Cruise’s ‘Tropic Thunder’ Cameo Is Not Actually All That FunnyIt’s not like seeing Tom Cruise acting crazy is such a huge surprise.
  21. the take
    Former Bush Aide Proves in Lawsuit That Almost None of ‘Swing Vote’ Was His IdeaDisney seems guilty of nothing other than producing an election comedy featuring Kelsey Grammer.
  22. the take
    What Other Indie Directors Should Join Team Apatow?What other auteurs could benefit from the Apatow touch — and how would they shake up the Apatow formula?
  23. the take
    Could Pansexual Ryan Phillippe Make ‘54’ a Good August Movie After All?On the other hand, Harvey optioned ‘Wolf Boy,’ so he’s okay in our book!
  24. the take
    The ‘Times’ Tortures Penniless Music Promoter With the Ritzy Venues He’s Not RunningWe can just imagine poor, hungry Sean Carlson opening up his ‘Times’ today and reading about Le Poisson Rouge.
  25. the take
    The August Movie: A Theory of AwfulnessWhy do such terrible movies come out in August? And what defines the classic August Movie?
  26. the take
    The August Movie: A HistoryFifteen years of lousy movies, in handy chart form.
  27. the take
    The August Movie: A HistoryFifteen years of lousy movies, in handy chart form.
  28. the take
    Will David Carr’s ‘The Night of the Gun’ Redeem the Memoir? We’re not so sure — and we say this as someone who liked the book.
  29. the take
    ‘August: Osage County’ Star Estelle Parsons Makes Us Feel Bad About OurselvesAnd to think we questioned our stamina for sitting through the three-and-a-half-hour show!
  30. the take
    John C. Reilly and Philip Seymour Hoffman: Two Paths Diverged in a ForestThey once seemed headed for the same career — then Reilly started hanging out with Will Ferrell. So who’s better off now?
  31. the take
    Did Judd Apatow Write All This Summer’s Superhero Movies?Instead of costumed meatheads, the superhero films of this summer delivered a singular message targeted directly at their comic-book fanboys: Grow up.
  32. the take
    Poor Helen Hayes, Screwed Over AgainThe First Lady of American Theater, who died in 1993, is about to lose her marquee for the second time.
  33. the take
    ‘Mad Men’: Logan Hill on Don Draper, Granite Statue and Train WreckWhy is Don so fucked up? What is he afraid of?
  34. the take
    ‘Mad Men’: Emily Nussbaum on Pete Campbell and His Poignant CrumminessPete Campbell is a creep. Pete Campbell is a dork. And yet Pete Campbell is our hero.
  35. the take
    Screw Our Principles — We’re Totally Reading Lee Israel’s BookWe know we should take a moral stand against an admitted forger — but what the heck, right?
  36. the take
    Jimmy Fallon to Launch Late-Night Talk Show OnlineThere’s no medium more open-minded and polite than the Internet.
  37. the take
    Point-Counterpoint: Should You See ‘The Dark Knight’ in Imax?Is it worth waiting for an Imax ticket and paying the extra money?
  38. the take
    ‘The Dark Knight’: When the Superhero Movie No Longer Needs Its Superhero’The Dark Knight’: a philosophical argument against superheroes in a complicated world.
  39. the take
    Aaron Eckhart, the Forgotten Great Performance of ‘The Dark Knight’If it wasn’t for Heath Ledger, it would be Eckhart whose breakout performance and Oscar hopes we’d all be talking about right now.
  40. the take
    Joss Whedon’s ‘Dr. Horrible’ Totally AdorableNeil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion star in this Web-video lark.
  41. the take
    ‘Meet Dave’ Bombs: Maybe Eddie Murphy Should Actually RetireSeriously, has there ever been a major superstar with worse taste in material than Eddie Murphy?
  42. the take
    Selma Blair in ‘Hellboy II’: Finally, a Superwoman in a Superhero Movie!Liz Sherman gets equal treatment but is definitely not just one of the guys.
  43. the take
    Will Leitch on the ‘Office’ Webisodes LaunchSo how are they? And, uh, who’s writing them?
  44. the take
    Brooklyn Vegan Now Just Posting Photos of Random Cute Indie GirlsSummer concertgoers — particularly women — now have to deal with blog photographers and their long-lens cameras.
  45. the take
    ‘Ace Ventura 3’ Might Not Be the Masterpiece You’d HopedAnimals! Shades! Animals wearing shades! Humping hamsters!
  46. the take
    Could David Gray and Other Songwriters Get Royalties From the U.S. Military’s Musical Torturers?A copyright lawyer argues that if the U.S. military wants to use your music to torture prisoners, you should get your cut.
  47. the take
    YouTube Dancer Matt Harding Taking the Stride Gum Message Into the New York ‘Times’Charles McGrath lends the Gray Lady’s imprimatur to that guy who films himself doing that goofy dance all over the world.
  48. the take
    Psychiatrists Accuse Ben Silverman of Stealing BabiesThe American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has a problem with ‘Baby Borrowers.’
  49. the take
    Katie Holmes Not Selling Tickets on Broadway; Plus: Tom Cruise Heading to the Stage?In fact, ‘All My Sons’ might be selling more tickets if Katie Holmes weren’t in it.
  50. the take
    ‘The Village Voice’ Goes Through Harvey Weinstein’s GarbageDetails on ‘Project Runway,’ ‘The Reader,’ and ‘Promises, Promises’ get dug out of a recycling bin on Greenwich Street.
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