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The Tender Bar

  1. movie review
    The Tender Bar Is Too Modest to Make an ImpressionThe best part of George Clooney’s overly familiar coming-of-age story is Ben Affleck’s performance.
  2. the blame game
    Now Why Is Ben Affleck Dragging Jennifer Garner Into This?Affleck’s current Jennifer set the record straight on her feelings in the matter.
  3. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: How the Globes and Critics Choice Shaped the ConversationThis week’s set of precursor nominations are hardly definitive, but together they at least give a sense of who’s in the race.
  4. great stories
    Ben Affleck Says Just ‘Imagine’ How He and Jennifer Lopez Reconnected“Imagine the best story, and I’m sure that’s the true version.”
  5. trailer mix
    Ben Affleck’s Got That Uncle Bod in The Tender Bar TrailerIt’s an Affleck unk flick.