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The Thermals

  1. Indie Rock and Standup in Portland with The Thermals’ Hutch HarrisMusicians are often thought of as self-serious crybabies, holding their craft to the highest imaginable standards and scoffing at anything that […]
  2. chat room
    The Thermals’ Front Man on War and Portland“Portland’s had a lot of attention for a while but it hasn’t grown to the point where it sucks.”
  3. tube junkie
    The Scene at Last Night’s Karaoke Relapse With the ThermalsLast night, area indie rock fans skipped the Lost premiere and headed to Williamsburg’s Studio B for New York’s Karaoke Relapse part starring the Thermals.
  4. contest
    Agenda Sweepstakes: Karaoke Relapse With the Thermals!New York x New York’s Indie Rock Karaoke is back as Karaoke Relapse, and this time they’ve picked up punk act the Thermals for backing-band duty!