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The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

  1. behind the scenes
    Jay Leno Liquored Up His Guests With a ‘Jay Bar’And Teri Hatcher was “difficult.”
  2. late night wars
    Jay Leno’s Latest Tonight Show Farewell Drew a Big (But Older) AudienceSee ya soon, Jay!
  3. Jay Leno’s Final ‘Tonight Show’ Draws Highest Ratings Since 1998Despite Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien’s attempts to steal some of Leno’s grand finale viewers, Variety reports that early ratings show last […]
  4. Watch Jay Leno Say Goodbye on His Last ‘Tonight Show’ Well, here it is. After 22 years of hosting The Tonight Show, Leno took his final bow last night and gave the above heartfelt farewell to his […]
  5. emotional farewells
    A Teary-Eyed Jay Leno Says Good-bye to the Tonight ShowWith Oprah, Billy Crystal, and Carol Burnett.
  6. Videolist: The Best of ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ After over 20 years on the air, Jay Leno’s Tonight Show will be airing its final episode tonight, the end of an era in late night television. […]
  7. The Results Are In: Leno’s Biggest Joke Targets Were Bill Clinton and O.J. […]Leno only has two more Tonight Show episodes left to host, so George Mason University’s Center for Media and Public Affairs took it upon […]
  8. Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno Talk ‘Tonight Show’ Past and Future Last night, Tonight Show heir Jimmy Fallon paid Leno a visit, and the two chatted about Super Bowl commercials, Jimmy’s thoughts on magazine […]
  9. the chin of the matter
    Leno Needs to Lie Better About Leaving TonightHis motto should be WWJD: What Would Johnny Do?
  10. Adam Sandler Interviewed Jay Leno on Last Night’s ‘Tonight Show’ Jimmy Fallon isn’t the only late night host to become the interviewee this week. Last night on The Tonight Show, guest Adam Sandler – dressed […]
  11. Watch Leslie Mann’s Tearful, Awkward, Adorable Goodbye to Jay Leno When Leslie Mann realized that last night was her final interview with Jay Leno (her first was in 1996 to promote The Cable Guy), she […]
  12. Louis C.K. Announces Release of ‘Tomorrow Night’ on ‘Leno’ Louis C.K. was a guest on Leno last night, and in the above clip he tells Jay all about his secret desire to not get his daughters Christmas […]
  13. Judd Apatow Does Some Show-and-Tell on ‘Leno’ Judd Apatow was a guest on Leno last night, and he brought tons of goodies to share: a photo from his “Jewhawk” Sylvester Stallone lookalike […]
  14. Jay Leno and ‘The Tonight Show’ Are Being Sued for DefamationFlight attendant Louann Giambattista is suing Jay Leno, The Tonight Show, and NBC over a segment that she says accused her of “engaging in […]
  15. Key & Peele’s Valets Love Sandra Bullock Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key stopped by The Tonight Show on Friday and had the good fortune to follow Sandra Bullock, as Bullocks […]
  16. late night wars
    Justin Timberlake Will Not Be Performing on The Tonight Show TonightHe’s a little *cough cough* “under the weather.”
  17. Jay Leno Joked Again About Killing Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon was a guest on The Tonight Show on Friday, and Jay Leno continued his campaign to let everyone know he’s totally cool with […]
  18. Jay Leno’s Staff Is Already Leaving ‘The Tonight Show’Jay Leno is set to once again leave The Tonight Show in February, but this time he won’t have another (nearly identical) show to employ his […]
  19. Does Doing Standup on a Late Night Show Still Matter?Late night shows have always been more than just variety programs. There were cultural touchstones, broad shared places for topical comedy and […]
  20. last night on late night
    Lots of Underhanded Blows From David Letterman to Kim KardashianPlus: Marion Cotillard’s strange photo shoot with the Nutcracker took her by surprise, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  21. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Emilia Clarke Got Punched by a HookerPlus: Matt Damon read aloud the best of his hate comments on the Internet, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  22. Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza’s Limousine Adventure Can that story be an episode of something? Leslie and April taking a limousine, for whatever reason. Leslie will be all excited because she […]
  23. downsizing
    The Tonight Show Lays Off 20, Slashes Jay Leno’s PayAs Comcast seeks quick payoff.
  24. aaron paul
    See Aaron Paul on The Price Is Right in 1998Jesse Pinkman, come on down!
  25. Expect NBC to Promote the Hell Out of Its Shows During Today’s GameIncluding: The Voice, Smash, 30 Rock.
  26. Jay Leno Causes Diplomatic Incident With Throwaway Slideshow JokeBig week for NBC late night hosts getting sued for unexpected reasons! The Bol Punjabi All Regions Community Organization is suing Jay Leno and […]
  27. Tracy Morgan Is the Same Old Tracy Morgan We Used to Know How much has Tracy Morgan changed since we last saw him on 30 Rock? Well, according to this Leno appearance, his New Year’s resolution is to […]
  28. Things Louis C.K. Would Have to Do For Me to Like Him More Louis C.K. was on Leno last night talking about a cab ride to the airport and a camping trip with his kids. I think we are all getting a […]
  29. Leno Surrenders No. 1 Late Night Rating After Seventeen Years on TopMan, things are not going well for NBC. The Tonight Show has had the highest ratings among 18-49 year olds for seventeen YEARS - until now. […]
  30. David Koechner And Jay Leno Wrassle on The Tonight Show There’s really no other way that carnival burlesque story could have ended, was there? After building up a head of nervous energy describing […]
  31. A Don Rickles/Bristol Palin Reality Show Seems Almost Inevitable At This […] Man, if a producer were to harness the power of Don Rickles’ sardonic outbursts and team them up with Bristol’s uncomfortable smiles and […]
  32. Jay Leno’s Casey Anthony Joke Met With Eerie Silence Well, it’s like the old comedy saying I just made up goes: no one said it was easy to get multiple laughs off a child murder trial. That being […]
  33. Paul Reiser Visits Leno to Promote/Mourn His New/Canceled Show Everyone needs to stand-up at their desk/card table in their parents’ basement right now and given a round of applause for Paul Reiser’s Leno […]
  34. ‘Jay Leno Ripped Me Off’ Last night on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno showed a montage of clips of Taylor Swift acting surprised to Taylor Swift. Does that montage sound […]
  35. tv
    Hulu Taggers Hate Jay LenoTop three tags: terrible, unfunny, unwatchable.
  36. late shifting
    Jay Leno’s Depressing Return to the Tonight ShowBut hey, Betty White!
  37. tv
    The New Jay Leno Ad, RemixedFrom “Get Back” to “Creep.”
  38. gross-outs
    The Jay Leno Show Turns Into Fear FactorIt still baffles us that actors actually agree to appear on this show.
  39. late shifting
    Jay Leno Goes On OprahAnd you know what? It worked!
  40. tvpocalypse
    There Will Be Two Fewer Episodes of The Jay Leno Show Than Previously ReportedQuick, send out a revised Evite for your viewing party.
  41. late shifting
    Jay Leno Prepares for Tearful Reunion With His Long Lost DeskIt’s only a matter of time before the thrifty Leno hits his local IKEA.
  42. late shifting
    Jay Leno Gets Serious About Late NightThe one with the chin on exactly how we ended up where we are.
  43. late shifting
    How Team Coco Channels Our Recession AngerThe NBC versus Conan drama has become an allegory for the financial crisis and the populist revolt that followed it.
  44. late shifting
    Conan’s NBC Settlement Expected Soon, but the Battle of the Jokes Rages OnConan and Jay didn’t take last night off from the Late Night wars.
  45. late shifting
    NBC Announces Stuff It Will Replace Leno WithSo much ‘Law & Order’!
  46. late shifting
    Jay Leno Jokes About Cancellation With Stoned Guitar PlayerWe’re using the word “jokes” very loosely.
  47. late shifting
    Leno at 11:30, Conan at 12, Fallon at 1Carson Daly will presumably air in split screen with infomercials at some point after that.
  48. i love the situation
    Jay Leno Treats the Jersey Shore Cast Like Second-Class CitizensHe’s no Conan O’Brien, that much is certain.
  49. the chin
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Tries to Blow Up Jay Leno With a Bazooka, FailsGirly man!
  50. women and men
    Late-Night Talk Shows Come Under Fire for Lack of Female WritersThe ripple effect of Nell Scovell’s ‘Vanity Fair’ piece hits the New York ‘Times.’
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