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The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

  1. last night on late night
    Lots of Underhanded Blows From David Letterman to Kim KardashianPlus: Marion Cotillard’s strange photo shoot with the Nutcracker took her by surprise, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  2. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Emilia Clarke Got Punched by a HookerPlus: Matt Damon read aloud the best of his hate comments on the Internet, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  3. downsizing
    The Tonight Show Lays Off 20, Slashes Jay Leno’s PayAs Comcast seeks quick payoff.
  4. aaron paul
    See Aaron Paul on The Price Is Right in 1998Jesse Pinkman, come on down!
  5. Expect NBC to Promote the Hell Out of Its Shows During Today’s GameIncluding: The Voice, Smash, 30 Rock.
  6. ‘Jay Leno Ripped Me Off’ Last night on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno showed a montage of clips of Taylor Swift acting surprised to Taylor Swift. Does that montage sound […]
  7. tv
    Hulu Taggers Hate Jay LenoTop three tags: terrible, unfunny, unwatchable.
  8. late shifting
    Jay Leno’s Depressing Return to the Tonight ShowBut hey, Betty White!
  9. tv
    The New Jay Leno Ad, RemixedFrom “Get Back” to “Creep.”
  10. gross-outs
    The Jay Leno Show Turns Into Fear FactorIt still baffles us that actors actually agree to appear on this show.
  11. late shifting
    Jay Leno Goes On OprahAnd you know what? It worked!
  12. tvpocalypse
    There Will Be Two Fewer Episodes of The Jay Leno Show Than Previously ReportedQuick, send out a revised Evite for your viewing party.
  13. late shifting
    Jay Leno Prepares for Tearful Reunion With His Long Lost DeskIt’s only a matter of time before the thrifty Leno hits his local IKEA.
  14. late shifting
    Jay Leno Gets Serious About Late NightThe one with the chin on exactly how we ended up where we are.
  15. late shifting
    How Team Coco Channels Our Recession AngerThe NBC versus Conan drama has become an allegory for the financial crisis and the populist revolt that followed it.
  16. late shifting
    Conan’s NBC Settlement Expected Soon, but the Battle of the Jokes Rages OnConan and Jay didn’t take last night off from the Late Night wars.
  17. late shifting
    NBC Announces Stuff It Will Replace Leno WithSo much ‘Law & Order’!
  18. late shifting
    Jay Leno Jokes About Cancellation With Stoned Guitar PlayerWe’re using the word “jokes” very loosely.
  19. late shifting
    Leno at 11:30, Conan at 12, Fallon at 1Carson Daly will presumably air in split screen with infomercials at some point after that.
  20. i love the situation
    Jay Leno Treats the Jersey Shore Cast Like Second-Class CitizensHe’s no Conan O’Brien, that much is certain.
  21. the chin
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Tries to Blow Up Jay Leno With a Bazooka, FailsGirly man!
  22. women and men
    Late-Night Talk Shows Come Under Fire for Lack of Female WritersThe ripple effect of Nell Scovell’s ‘Vanity Fair’ piece hits the New York ‘Times.’
  23. touch my body
    Mariah Carey’s Cleavage Inspires Jay Leno’s First Decent Joke in Months“It’s times like this I wish I had the desk.”
  24. talkshowpocalypse
    Sons of Anarchy Creator Blasts the ‘Last-Place Buffoons’ at NBCSays Kurt Sutter: “Let’s back off Jay and beat the right piñata.”
  25. jay leno
    Michelle Obama Shares the Contents of Her iPod With Jay LenoShe’s a Stevie Wonder superfan.
  26. wha?
    For Some Reason, Jack Black and Ben Harper Decided to Collaborate on ‘Under Pressure’We’re just going to go ahead and assume they got their hands on some of the same stuff that led Brad Pitt to collaborate with Quentin Tarantino.
  27. tv deathwatch
    After the Cancellation of Southland, John Wells and Jay Leno Probably Won’t Be Grabbing Drinks Anytime Soon“I wish NBC and Jay Leno well; personally, he’s a very nice guy, but I hope he falls flat on his face and we get five dramas back.”
  28. Chris Rock Tears Into Roman Polanski on The Jay Leno Show“He made good movies, THIRTY YEARS AGO. Even Johnnie Cochran don’t have the nerve to go, ‘Well, did you see O.J. play against New England?’”
  29. latenightpocalypse
    The Jay Leno Show Faces a Boycott by Rival-Network StarsBut really, we think these stars’ agents are the ones who should be doing the boycotting.
  30. unsolved mysteries
    Shockingly, 46 percent of Jay Leno’s Viewers Watch the Show on Their DVRsHorrifyingly, that means over 3 million people have season passes set up for the show.
  31. eviscerations
    After Three Weeks On Air, The Jay Leno Show Doesn’t Appear to Be Getting Any Better“The forensic evidence so far indicates that a kind of death is taking place before our eyes; the only question is whether what we’re witnessing is an accident or a crime scene.”
  32. bloodbaths
    Even Gary Sinise Is Putting the Hurt on Jay Leno These DaysDavid Caruso isn’t the only Crime Scene Investigator to whoop Jay Leno in the ratings, you know.
  33. comebacks
    Pee-wee Herman’s Comeback Begins on The Jay Leno ShowAnd he’s got an abstinence ring!
  34. tv
    So, Did CSI: Miami End Up Beating Jay Leno by ‘a Lot’?In a word, yes.
  35. seo
    Jay Leno Finds Another Way to Stick It to Conan O’BrienLeno’s people have got some mad SEO skills, yo.
  36. theme songs
    Jay Leno’s New Theme Song Sounds Like a Rejected Demo From 90210This is the best thing they could come up with?
  37. results
    Jay Leno the New King of Prime Time!Last night’s shaky first episode of ‘The Jay Leno Show’ drew an impressive 17.7 million viewers.
  38. talkshowpocalypse
    New Jay Leno Show Not Even As Good As Old Jay Leno ShowNo racetrack!
  39. kanye
    Video: Kanye Apology Tour Hits The Jay Leno ShowKanye West somehow turned the first-ever episode of ‘The Jay Leno Show’ into raw, compelling television.
  40. gabfests
    Jay Leno Gets Political, Books Michael MooreGood thing Ford is sponsoring Jay’s show and not GM!
  41. talkshowpocalypse
    No One Killed in Trial Run of Jay Leno’s Racetrack“Selma Blair had two minutes to go around the track twice. She made it in 58 seconds … that felt like an hour.”
  42. talkshowpocalypse
    Jay Leno Finds Himself in the Somewhat Unusual Position of Being a ScourgeJay views himself as the good guy, but many people are rooting for him to fail.
  43. talkshowpocalypse
    Fans of Vehicular Manslaughter Will Love The Jay Leno ShowWant to see a video featuring Leno and Fred Armisen accidentally killing a guy with their car and then fleeing the scene before cops arrive? Click here anyway!
  44. talkshowpocalypse
    Jay Books JerrySeinfeld is the first confirmed sit-down guest for Jay Leno’s upcoming prime-time show.
  45. talkshowpocalypse
    Jay Leno’s Secret Weapon: A RacetrackLeno: “You can see who is faster, Shaquille O’Neal or Cameron Diaz.”
  46. beef
    Joan Rivers Isn’t Very Psyched for The Jay Leno Show“I think it’s brilliant that Leno is at 10 p.m., because America can get bored more easily and go to sleep earlier.”
  47. talkshowpocalypse
    Jay Leno Threatens Viewing Public: ‘Primetime Had It Coming’Did it, really?
  48. the industry
    Noah Wyle Is Our Only HopePlus: new Phish album.
  49. talkshowpocalypse
    So How Bad Will Jay Leno’s Guests Be?NBC has demanded he “back off booking A-list celebrities because it would encroach on Conan’s turf.”
  50. How Should Jay Leno End His New Show?He’s no longer allowed to waste the last few minutes of his show on a dull band or a boring comedian. So what should he do?
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