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The Vatican

  1. movies
    Elton John Criticizes Vatican for Same-Sex Marriage Stance, Funding RocketmanA 2019 investigation uncovered an alleged multimillion-dollar contribution to the film.
  2. tv production
    How The Young Pope Re-created Vatican City Without Actually Filming There“Whether realistic or not, the important thing is for the whole thing to be plausible.”
  3. vulture lists
    52 Films That Got a PR Bump From the VaticanFrom the rigorously devout to the, uh, Pokémon.
  4. Martin Scorsese’s Silence Premiering at VaticanHallowed be thy Scorsese.
  5. last night on late night
    Rita Ora Is Performing at the Vatican “I looked at the guest list and I just see P-O-P-E.”
  6. The Vatican Did Not Care for The Force AwakensColbert takes us to church.
  7. the force awakens
    Vatican Paper Hated Star Wars: The Force AwakensThey didn’t even like BB-8?
  8. the vatican
    Pope Invites Oprah, Damon, Geffen to VaticanFor a meeting about the Catholic Church’s portrayal in Hollywood.
  9. music
    Patti Smith Will Play for the Vatican This ChristmasJesus died for somebody’s sins, but not hers.
  10. pilots
    Showtime Passed on Kyle Chandler’s Vatican DramaBummer.
  11. casting couch
    The Vatican Casts Downfall’s Hitler, Bruno Ganz, As PopeHe’s the star of all those “Hitler Reacts” YouTube clips.
  12. casting couch
    Kyle Chandler Cast in Showtime Pilot The VaticanHe’ll play the archbishop of New York.
  13. casting couch
    Matthew Goode Joins Showtime’s The Vatican PilotRidley Scott is directing.
  14. in development
    Ridley Scott Directing Showtime Drama Pilot The VaticanScott hasn’t directed TV since the sixties.
  15. popes
    The Vatican Is Super-Excited About SkyfallThey wrote five articles about it!
  16. the vatican
    Harry Potter 6 Gets Thumbs-up From VaticanSays the Vatican newspaper: ‘Harry Potter 6’ is the “best in the series.”