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The Verve

  1. good intentions
    Rolling Stones Finally Give the Verve Lead Singer ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ CreditHe has his “Bittersweet Symphony” back.
  2. vulture lists
    We Ranked All the Songs on Spotify’s ‘Life Sucks’ PlaylistIn order of how effectively they convey the concept of life sucking.
  3. breakups
    The Verve Break Up for the Millionth TimeThis should come as a surprise to no one.
  4. leak of the week
    Leaked: The Verve Record World’s First Decent Reunion AlbumWhenever these guys get together and play one chord for six minutes, it’s hard to complain.
  5. right-click
    Grizzly Bear Triumph Over Writers StrikePlus new songs from Kylie Minogue and the Verve!
  6. right-click
    Kanye West Says Music Should Be FreePlus new songs by the Verve and Wu-Tang Clan!