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The Vulture

  1. vulture on vulture
    See Five Decades of Vulture Costumes From Spider-Man HistoryFrom the feathered to the mechanical.
  2. vulture on vulture
    Understanding the Sinister Six, the Spider-Man Villain SupergroupThe Vulture is one of their usual members.
  3. vulture on vulture
    A History of the Vulture Failing to Appear in Spider-Man MoviesAppearing on the big screen has been a long time coming for the villain, and not just because he was one of Spider-Man’s earliest enemies.
  4. vulture on vulture
    How Spider-Man Villain the Vulture Was CreatedHis character was dull, but the visuals were great.
  5. vulture on vulture
    Vulture Explains the New Spider-Man Villain, the VultureMichael Keaton is playing him!
  6. spider-manpocalypse
    Spider-Man 4: Totally Dead!Sam Raimi didn’t think he could make a non-terrible ‘Spider-Man’ movie by 2011, so Sony will completely reboot the franchise.