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The Walk

  1. Movies Need to Stop Explaining Everything (Looking at You, The Walk)What I wish The Walk had learned from Mad Max: Fury Road.
  2. movie review
    The Walk’s Grandeur Makes Up for Its MisstepsAll the clunky stuff is foreplay, of course.
  3. conundrums
    Why Does The Walk’s Poster Put the World Trade Center in Midtown?It’s right next to Rockefeller Center.
  4. fall preview 2015
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Meeting Edward Snowden and Learning to Walk a TightropeHe plays two real-life anarchist-heroes this fall, in Snowden and The Walk.
  5. trailer mix
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Walk Trailer: This Man Is on WireSee it in 3-D … if you dare!