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  1. harvey weinstein
    Harvey Weinstein Mourns Himself As ‘The Forgotten Man’ In New Interview“I made more movies directed by women and about women than any filmmaker, and I’m talking about 30 years ago.”
  2. lawsuits
    Former Weinstein Company HR Director Files SuitHe claims he’s owed a payout from Harvey.
  3. the weinstein company
    Bob Weinstein to Step Down From the Weinstein Company BoardFollowing the completion of TWC’s bankruptcy sale to Lantern Capital Partners.
  4. upfronts 2018
    Project Runway Is Coming Back to Bravo in the Wake of Weinstein Co. BankruptcyAndy Cohen announced the news at the NBC upfront presentation.
  5. legal battles
    Bankruptcy Judge Grants Harvey Weinstein Access to Weinstein Company EmailsWeinstein’s legal team argued that emails related to his alleged victims could exonerate the disgraced movie mogul.
  6. the weinstein company
    The Weinstein Company Declares Buyer in Bankruptcy SaleLantern Capital Partners offered $310 million. A judge still needs to sign off on the deal.
  7. harvey weinstein
    Harvey Weinstein Has Been Spotted, This Time in Bankruptcy CourtYou won’t get his emails without a fight!
  8. Creators Get In the Heights Movie Rights Back From the Weinstein CompanyWe can be excited again.
  9. the harvey weinstein case
    Former Weinstein Assistant Says She Tried to Curtail His Behavior in 1998Zelda Perkins says that as part of her 1998 nondisclosure agreement Harvey Weinstein was required to go to therapy.
  10. the weinstein company
    The Weinstein Company Files for BankruptcyTWC has also released its employees from their nondisclosure agreements per negotiations with New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman.
  11. harvey weinstein
    Manhattan DA Says Authorities Are Still Building Case Against WeinsteinAuthorities are working to collar Weinstein over allegedly raping actress Paz de la Huerta twice in 2010.
  12. harvey weinstein
    The Weinstein Company Sale Fell Through Again (Again)Due to “disappointing information.”
  13. the weinstein company
    A Deal Is Reached to Sell the Weinstein CompanyAn investment team led by Maria Contreras-Sweet and Ron Burkle saves the studio from bankruptcy
  14. the weinstein company
    The Weinstein Company Will File for Bankruptcy“While we recognize that this is an extremely unfortunate outcome for our employees, our creditors and any victims, the board has no choice.”
  15. harvey weinstein
    Weinstein Company Distances Itself From Harvey, Says He Acted AloneWhatever Harvey Weinstein may have done, his former company says he acted alone.
  16. New York Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against the Weinstein CompanyThe suit alleges TWC failed to protect employees from Harvey Weinstein’s “unrelenting sexual harassment, intimidation, and discrimination.”
  17. harvey weinstein
    Harvey Weinstein Might Return to NYC for DepositionHe’ll have to face the Weinstein Company’s lawyers.
  18. harvey weinstein
    A List of Things Currently Missing From the Weinstein Company OfficeSome personnel files and a pair of Oscars!
  19. Wait, How Is the Weinstein Company Worth Nearly $500 Million?As the studio nears a deal to be sold, Hollywood is taking inventory of its most valuable TV and movie assets.
  20. harvey weinstein
    Marco Polo Producer Files Harassment Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein and TWCAlexandra Canosa filed a lawsuit accusing Weinstein of sexual harassment, battery, and assault. She is suing for $10 million.
  21. harvey weinstein
    Harvey Weinstein Blackmailed Salma Hayek to Get Gratuitous Nude Scene in FridaSalma Hayek details Harvey Weinstein’s harassment on the set of Frida.
  22. harvey weinstein
    Times Exposes How Weinstein Used Agents, Journalists, and Employees As CoverThe new investigation details the agents, journalists, assistants, and executives that helped cover his tracks.
  23. weinstein fallout
    The Weinstein Company Is Being Sued for Millions Over Canceled Amazon SeriesA high-profile project from David O. Russell was scrapped because of its connections to the embattled studio.
  24. movies
    Well, 2017 Has Sent Paddington the Bear to PrisonCan this bear catch a break?
  25. harvey weinstein
    Harvey Weinstein Now Faces Sex-Trafficking ChargesBob Weinstein and the Weinstein Company are also involved in the complaint.
  26. harvey weinstein
    Bob Weinstein Personally Paid Off Two of Harvey’s Accusers“He didn’t want his wife to find out, so he asked me if I could write a check, and so I did,” Bob Weinstein told Ronan Farrow.
  27. the weinstein company
    Bidder for the Weinstein Company Wants to Bring in a Majority-Female BoardBidder Maria Contreras-Sweet wants to rename the Weinstein Company, remove Bob Weinstein from power, and serve as executive chairwoman.
  28. harvey weinstein
    Paddington 2, the Weinstein Co.’s Last Hope, Has Been Sold to Warner Bros.Paddington’s (rain) boots are made for walkin’, and that’s just what they’ll do …
  29. harvey weinstein
    An Actress Is Suing Harvey Weinstein for Rape in Los AngelesThe encounter is alleged to have taken place in 2016 at a Los Angeles hotel.
  30. weinstein fallout
    Taylor Sheridan Got Weinstein Company Scrubbed From Wind River With an Ultimatum“I said, if my movie’s going to die, I’ll be the one to kill it.”
  31. The Truth About Mir-Anon, the Secret Support Group for Ex-Weinstein Employees“When you weren’t feeling terrorized, the people you were meeting were extraordinary.”
  32. the weinstein company
    Weinstein Company Shelves Polaroid and The Current War; Has No More 2017 MoviesThe premieres are being pushed back to 2018.
  33. harvey weinstein
    New Accuser Says Harvey Weinstein Raped Her in the 1970sFour new women have come forward to the Times, two of them alleging assaults that took place in the 1970s.
  34. weekend box office
    The Weinstein Company’s First Post-Scandal Release Grossed a Paltry $742Sorry, Bella Thorne.
  35. Is The Weinstein Company Firing Bob Weinstein, Too?“There’s no way for [Bob] to weather his brother’s storm,” as the thinking goes.
  36. Weinstein Company Lawyer Talks Studio’s Fate and Trump, Whom He Once Fired“I mean, if ever somebody had a ground to fire a guy, it seems like it’s the Weinstein Company.”
  37. harvey weinstein
    Robert Rodriguez Cast Rose McGowan in Grindhouse to Spite Harvey WeinsteinRodriguez says he cast McGowan in Grindhouse to get back at her alleged rapist.
  38. lawsuits
    Harvey Weinstein Is Suing the Weinstein Company to ‘Save’ It (and Himself)He claims he needs documents in the company’s possession to exonerate him and TWC in any upcoming legal battles.
  39. harvey weinstein
    Ashley Judd Isn’t Sure People Would’ve Believed Her Weinstein Story Years AgoJudd tells the story of her meeting in Weinstein’s hotel room, and when he tried to set her up with his brother.
  40. the weinstein company
    Weinstein Company Will Not Be Financially Saved by Colony Capital After AllAfter diving into the studio’s finances and assets, Colony Capital has reportedly decided not to give TWC a “cash infusion.”
  41. harvey weinstein
    Wind River Severs Ties With Weinstein Company Ahead of Awards SeasonLeap and Tulip Fever will also remove the Weinstein Company’s name from their home-video releases.
  42. harvey weinstein
    Actress Natassia Malthe Says Harvey Weinstein Forced Her to Have Sex With HimActress Natassia Malthe says Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her and later asked that she participate in a threesome.
  43. the harvey weinstein case
    A Harvey Weinstein Accuser Is Suing the Weinstein Company for NegligenceDominique Huett is suing the company for $5 million.
  44. harvey weinstein
    New York Attorney General Opens Civil-Rights Inquiry Into Weinstein CompanyThe company is being examined for gender discrimination and other civil-rights violations.
  45. Bob Weinstein’s Ex-Assistant Says She Told Him About Harvey Over 25 Years AgoKathy DeClesis says she personally gave Bob Weinstein a letter from a young employee’s lawyer following an incident with Harvey Weinstein.
  46. harvey weinstein
    Weinstein Company Employees Are Asking to Be Let Out of Their NDAs“So we may speak openly, and get to the origins of what happened here, and how.”
  47. the weinstein company
    Harvey Weinstein Resigns From Weinstein Company BoardHe co-founded the company with his brother Bob in 2005, and was fired last week.
  48. sexual harassment
    Now Bob Weinstein Has Been Accused of Sexual Harassment, TooAmanda Segel, an executive producer on The Mist, says the younger Weinstein kept asking her out despite repeated rejections.
  49. harvey weinstein
    Producers Guild Votes to Expel Harvey WeinsteinWeinstein has until November to respond to the PGA’s vote.
  50. harvey weinstein
    Club Owner Confirms the Harvey Weinstein Harassment Story Involving Potted PlantSocialista owner says Weinstein’s legal team asked him to say nothing happened that night.
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