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  1. harvey weinstein
    With a Last-Minute Investment, the Weinstein Company Isn’t Dead YetThe investment comes from Trump friend Thomas Barrack Jr.’s Colony Capital.
  2. harvey weinstein
    Bob Weinstein: Brother ‘Harvey Has No Remorse Whatsoever’ After Abuse Scandal“It’s hard to describe how I feel that he took out the emptiness inside of him in so many sick and depraved ways.”
  3. the industry
    Amazon Drops Weinstein Company–Produced David O. Russell Series“Out of respect for all those affected we have decided together that it is best to not move forward with this show.”
  4. harvey weinstein
    Ex-Miramax Exec Denies Delivering Young Women to Harvey Weinstein’s Hotel RoomAsia Argento said Fabrizio Lombardo took her to Harvey Weinstein’s apartment the night he allegedly raped her.
  5. the weinstein company
    Harvey Weinstein Is Planning to Fight His Weinstein Co. Firing From RehabHe’ll call in to a board meeting from his live-in rehab facility.
  6. harvey weinstein
    The Weinstein Company Is in Total MeltdownThe board of the company is reportedly looking to sell — or completely shut down the studio.
  7. harvey weinstein
    Quentin Tarantino ‘Stunned and Heartbroken’ Over Weinstein ScandalTarantino and Weinstein are longtime collaborators and personal friends.
  8. the weinstein company
    In the Heights Book Writer Asks Weinstein Company to Give Up the Film Rights“As a woman, I can no longer do business with the Weinstein Company.”
  9. harvey weinstein
    Rose McGowan Says Harvey Weinstein Raped Her, Finally Throwing Away the NDAMcGowan says a show she was working on for Amazon Studios was killed after she told the studio about her assault. Weinstein denies the allegation.
  10. harvey weinstein
    Author of the Definitive Harvey Weinstein Book Explains Why He Ignored RumorsPeter Biskind, author of Down and Dirty Pictures, said Brad Pitt told him about Gwyneth Paltrow’s accusations off the record in the early 2000s.
  11. harvey weinstein
    Weinstein Company Possibly Knew About Payoffs Since 2015The company was allegedly told about settlements with women during contract negotiations.
  12. What Will Happen to Harvey Weinstein, Legally?Will Weinstein see any legal consequences for the multiple allegations of rape and sexual harassment?
  13. harvey weinstein
    Weinstein Company Offers to Assist in ‘All Criminal or Other Investigations’The company issued a statement responding to the escalating Harvey Weinstein allegations.
  14. Three Women, Including Asia Argento, Have Accused Harvey Weinstein of RapeIn addition, current and former Weinstein Company employees describe the company’s “culture of silence” around sexual assault.
  15. movies
    Paul Schrader Denounces Harvey Weinstein for … Recutting Other People’s Movies“Of course I knew Harvey Weinstein was a sexual gangster.”
  16. the industry
    Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Sent Email Begging Hollywood Execs to Defend Him“A lot of the allegations are false as you know but given therapy and counseling as other people have done, I think I’d be able to get there.”
  17. Rose McGowan Wants the Entire Weinstein Co. Board to ResignFiring Harvey Weinstein wasn’t enough.
  18. harvey weinstein
    Harvey Weinstein Has Been Fired From the Weinstein Company“His employment with The Weinstein Company is terminated, effective immediately.”
  19. TV Reporter Accuses Harvey Weinstein of Forcing Her to Watch Him MasturbateThe journalist alleges the studio head cornered her in a restaurant in 2007.
  20. TWC Issues Statement: ‘Next Steps Will Depend on Harvey’s Therapeutic Progress’“We strongly endorse Harvey Weinstein’s already-announced decision to take an indefinite leave of absence from the Company, commencing today.”
  21. What Hollywood Really Thinks About the Harvey Weinstein ScandalA producer, an agent, and a filmmaker who’ve worked with Weinstein weigh in on whether he’ll survive the allegations — or whether he’s toast.
  22. harvey weinstein
    Weinstein Lawyer Donated Money to NYC D.A. After Dropped Sexual-Assault CaseCyrus Vance Jr. is the same D.A. who dropped charges against Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr.
  23. movies
    17 Notorious, on-the-Record Harvey Weinstein StoriesRants! Feuds! M&Ms!
  24. Don’t Use the Harvey Weinstein Revelations to Attack Actresses You Don’t LikeIt takes blame that should lie squarely at one man’s feet and makes it about other women.
  25. the weinstein company
    Multiple Women Are Accusing Harvey Weinstein of Sexual HarassmentIn a statement, the mogul says he understands his behavior has “caused a lot of pain.”
  26. A Tribute to the Truly Bungled Release of Tulip FeverHas there ever been a film as enjoyably cursed as Tulip Fever?
  27. race in america
    Jay Z’s Six-Part Docuseries Race Heads to National Geographic ChannelRace joins Jay Z’s other documentary projects Time: The Kalief Browder Story and Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story.
  28. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for the Controversial 3 GenerationsThe transgender teen comedy takes a light tone in its first trailer.
  29. promotional stunts
    All the Times Harvey Weinstein Has Drummed Up a Ratings Controversy for PressWith 3 Generations, he’s at it again.
  30. racial justice
    Jay Z and Weinstein Company to Team Up on Trayvon Martin ProjectsThe rapper-mogul and film giant bought the rights to two books about Martin’s life and legacy.
  31. lawsuits
    The Founder Distributor Sues Weinstein Co. Over GoldThe biopics were released within seven days of each other.
  32. biopics
    Get Ready for an Elvis TV BiopicIt’ll be partially shot at Graceland.
  33. the industry
    New Julian Fellowes Drama Headed to Amazon PrimeDowager approved.
  34. party chat
    What’s Weinstein’s Problem With Snowpiercer? Director Bong Joon-Ho explains.
  35. no spoilers here
    The Weinstein Company Kindly Requests That You Not Spoil SalingerRemember The Crying Game? It’s like that, apparently.
  36. big deals
    Netflix and Weinstein Company Made a Big DealThat will start in 2016.
  37. of beef and silliness
    The Butler Is Allowed to Be Called Lee Daniels’ The ButlerThis back-and-forth doesn’t stop being silly.
  38. beef
    The Butler Has to Pick a New Title for an Insane ReasonWarner Bros. used that title for a short film in 1916, so …
  39. delayed
    Brad Pitt’s Killing Them Softly Pushed BackTo late November.
  40. box office gold
    Moonrise Kingdom Opens Strong in Select TheatersIt beat Dreamgirls’ per-theater record.
  41. beef
    Bully Doc Gets R-Rating, Severely Upsets WeinsteinsHarvey’s threatening to leave the MPAA.
  42. save the date
    Madonna’s W.E. Heading to Theaters in DecemberDuring the throes of awards season.
  43. sundance report
    My Idiot Brother Becomes Sundance’s Big BuyThe Paul Rudd comedy is going to the Weinstein Company.
  44. reboots
    Shakespeare in Love 2, Coming SoonMiramax and the Weinsteins are teaming up to put out sequels to Miramax’s greatest hits. Get ready for ‘Rounders 2’!
  45. feuds
    Weinsteins Fight Harsh Ratings for Blue Valentine and The King’s SpeechThey’ve brought on super-lawyer David Boies to fight the ratings board.
  46. the industry
    The Weinsteins Find a New Head of ProductionDonna Gigliotti, a Miramax vet who produced ‘Shakespeare in Love,’ is the studio’s new head of production.
  47. the tillman story
    Weinstein Company Challenges Tillman Documentary’s R RatingRating given based on “excessive language.”
  48. deals
    Weinstein Company Hands Over 200 Films to Goldman in Debt DealStudio has about $335 million in debt to pay off.
  49. the industry
    What’s an Oscar Worth? It Depends on Your ContractChristoph Waltz got nothing from the Weinsteins, but his next studio paid up for his Best Supporting Actor win.
  50. The Weinsteins Are Having a Tough Year, But They Still Know How to PartyEli Roth is tweezing in preparation for the big show.
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