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  1. vulture lists
    The 25 Best President Bartlet Moments From The West WingLet’s honor the best part of the show: the speeches.
  2. chat room
    Bradley Whitford on Valley of the Boom, Handmaid’s Tale, and West Wing Rumors“You know, we can’t all be working in the White House. That doesn’t make any sense.”
  3. the actual west wing
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Hanging Out With Rob Lowe“So fun.”
  4. reboots
    Aaron Sorkin Addresses the West Wing Reboot Rumor We Will Never Stop Bringing Up“Incredibly, the show has a legacy. The last thing I would want to do is harm that.”
  5. trademarks
    The 6 Most Aaron Sorkin-y Things About Molly’s GameFrom the fast talking to the daddy issues.
  6. dream casting
    Aaron Sorkin Dreams of Sterling K. Brown As President in West Wing RebootHe has standing offer for a reboot at NBC.
  7. politics v comedy
    The West Wing Cast Mocks Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Her Show ComparisonIt’s a battle of real and fictional press secretaries.
  8. revival fever
    NBC’s Revival Ideas Keep Getting Rejected by Aaron Sorkin, Tina Fey, and OthersAaron Sorkin: “Some day I’d love to revisit [The West Wing], but it’s not going to happen right now.”
  9. not the white house correspondents dinner
    Allison Janney Reprises Her West Wing Role as Press Secretary C. J. Cregg“We have to let you exist, but we don’t have to listen to you.”
  10. interviews
    In Sleight, Dulé Hill Finally Gets His Chance to Play Bad“Onstage I’ve been able to play characters who are a little more unsavory, but never on film. When this came along, I jumped at it.”
  11. c.j. cregg 2020
    Allison Janney Is Down to Bring Back Some Idealism With More West WingSean Spicer, please relinquish the podium to its rightful inhabitant.
  12. true crime
    The Feds Bust D.C. DVD Bootlegging RingThe only DVD-related news you’ll read today.
  13. comfort tv
    Comfort TV to Stream This Winter (and for the Next Four Years)From The Great British Bake Off to Parks and Recreation.
  14. let's get political
    The West Wing Cast to Walk, Talk, and Campaign for Hillary ClintonJust like Aaron Sorkin always dreamed of.
  15. last night on late night
    Allison Janney and Stephen Colbert Finally Find an Excuse to Make OutCan I get a cigarette?
  16. screenwriting
    Aaron Sorkin to Teach Online Screenwriting ClassIt’s part of the MasterClass program.
  17. this great nation
    See Allison Janney Do White House Press BriefingGot that, Carol?
  18. walk and talk
    Hamilton Cast Does West Wing Walk-and-TalkIt’s technically more of a stand-and-talk, but look at that camera swivel.
  19. podcasts
    Behind the West Wing PodcastAnd getting Aaron Sorkin and Lin-Manuel Miranda on the show.
  20. podcasts
    Joshua Malina’s West Wing Podcast Is HereIt’s called The West Wing Weekly.
  21. last night on late night
    FBI Drew Guns on West Wing’s Bradley WhitfordAaron Sorkin and Bradley Whitford were on The Late Late Show together.
  22. party chat
    Aaron Sorkin Reunites With West Wingers, Sort OfWe willed it into existence with — but of course — a walk-and-talk.
  23. interactive
    Rob Lowe Grindr Profiles Through the YearsFrom Dad Rob Lowe to Chris Traeger.
  24. secret history of television
    ‘The Secret History of Television’: Why Bottle Episodes Make Great TelevisionA new examination by “Vulture’s Secret History of Television.”
  25. stay tuned
    What Show Do You Want Just One More Episode Of?Plus: Who is the better sitcom actress — Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Lisa Kudrow?
  26. repetition
    Sorkin Has Asked the Same Question on Every ShowApparently, the man loves happy endings.
  27. stay tuned
    Is The West Wing Sexist? Your Pressing TV Questions AnsweredAdvice on what to watch on maternity leave, how to handle the campiness of Doctor Who, and noticing the sexism on The West Wing.
  28. role play
    Clark Gregg Walks Us Through 10 of His Most Memorable RolesLike that time he played Miranda’s lying lover on Sex and the City.
  29. sorkinese
    How Mary-Louise Parker Landed on The West Wing“Josh Lyman badly needs to get laid.”
  30. 7 Shows to Stream With Your Family Over the HolidaysStart a new tradition of watching terrifying British cop shows together.
  31. anniversaries
    President Bartlet Resigned Ten Years Ago TodayWhen Zoey was kidnapped.
  32. metaphors
    The West Wing Echo on Last Night’s Mad MenPilots sometimes fly upside down.
  33. chat room
    Scandal’s Joshua Malina on His Best Set Pranks“Things are too quiet. What can I do?”
  34. let bartlet be bartlet
    The First Five West Wing Episodes You Should Rewatch on Instant NetflixWhat’s next?
  35. guest stars
    Bradley Whitford Reuniting With Matthew PerryOn Go On.
  36. the west wing
    Watch The West Wing Cast Reunite to ‘Walk and Talk the Vote’Whatever Allison Janney says.
  37. Three Simple Tips to Writing Your Own Aaron Sorkin Character NameFor one thing, it has to dance off your tongue.
  38. sorkinese
    Fourteen Newsroom Lines Heard in Past Sorkin ShowsHe is still irked that so many people believe in angels.
  39. conversations
    Sorkin on The Newsroom and Sounding SmartThe banter auteur is back on the small screen after a sojourn in Hollywood. And in talking about television, he just can’t contain himself.
  40. tv
    The West Wing’s Mrs. Landingham Has DiedActress Kathryn Joosten was 72.
  41. the west wing
    Watch a West Wing ReunionGet to steppin’, says Mr. President and friends.
  42. getting the band back together
    Nine TV Meta-Reunions We Want to SeeIf Parks and Recreation can bring West Wing together, can’t Homeland reunite My So-Called Life?
  43. downton abbey
    Downton Abbey’s Creator Loves Glee, Sex and the CityInteresting.
  44. guest stars
    West Wing’s Bradley Whitford Heading to Parks and RecJosh Lyman, Pawnee City Councilman.
  45. nerdgasms
    X-FilesWest Wing Hybrid in the WorksFrom Jon Favreau, Seth Green, Roberto Orci, and Mike Dougherty.
  46. clickables
    Let The West Wing Explain the Debt Ceiling to YouAnd let Kristen Chenoweth be your tiny, adorable stand-in.
  47. tv
    We Break Down the Aaron Sorkin Hallmarks in His New HBO Pilot ScriptPolitics! Romance! Self-righteous monologues!
  48. tv news
    Aaron Sorkin Is Doing Another TV Show About a TV ShowHow many behind-the-scenes shows can TV take?
  49. drama central
    Is Washington, D.C., the Hardest Place to Shoot Movies in America?Thanks to overzealous local authorities, the answer is yes.