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  1. respect the classics
    Roger Daltrey Would Prefer If You Skipped a Few Songs From the Who’s New Album“This bonus track shit, I don’t get it.”
  2. respect the classics
    The Story Behind the Who’s Iconic ‘A Quick One’ Performance, Now Available in HD“They were very aware,” director Michael Lindsay-Hogg told us, “of what they had just done.”
  3. vulture recommends
    The Grooviest Song From the Who’s New Album Was Actually Recorded 50 Years Ago“Got Nothing to Prove” was originally shelved in 1966 for its lack of emotional resonance.
  4. respect the classics
    Pete Townshend Isn’t Actually Thankful That His Bandmates Are DeadHe’s now saying his “selfish” comments were in bad taste.
  5. respect the classics
    Pete Townshend Isn’t Trying to Cause a Big Sensation, But He’s Team Taylor Swift“What she’s putting herself through at the moment is heartbreaking.”
  6. the who
    You Know Who Had a Terrible Time at Woodstock? Some Guy Named Roger Daltrey“It was billed as an Aquarian exposition — three days of peace and music. But it was chaos.”
  7. the who
    Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend’s Biggest Fight Nearly Turned Deadly“He fell down hard, cracking his head to the stage. I thought I’d killed him.”
  8. the who
    Roger Daltrey Is Calling Bullshit on Pete Townshend’s Guitar-Smashing Passion“Pete will tell you it was art … bollocks. He’s journalizing.”
  9. cracking the voice
    Which Oldchella Headliners Can Still Hit Their High Notes? Listen and Find OutCompare audio clips of the six headliners singing their most vocally demanding songs on recent tours to clips recorded decades ago when their throats were younger and in better shape.
  10. respect the classics
    The Who Not Happy About Quadrophenia SequelIt really is free frustration in their minds and their toes.
  11. respect the classics
    Dust Off Your Finest Scooter, Because a Quadrophenia Sequel Is ComingSomeone get Sting on the phone!
  12. concerts
    McCartney, Dylan, and More to Play MegaconcertA 2016 Woodstock?
  13. respect the classics
    Roger Daltrey Isn’t a Fan of the New AC/DC; You Know, the One With Axl RoseLong live rock?
  14. respect the classics
    Watch the Who Perform on The Tonight ShowYou better you better you bet they did.
  15. movies
    Movie Review: Lambert & StampYou’d probably have to be a pretty big music nerd to get excited for a tell-all movie about the Who’s managers … right? Wrong.
  16. teaser trailers
    Pete Townshend Really Relates to The Americans“Why the fuck am I in the Who?”
  17. the songs remain the same
    Which Old Songs Have Classic Rockers Pimped Out the Most?An exhaustive study of greatest-hits compilations by the Stones, Billy Joel, and more reveals who resold the same song the most times.
  18. lighters up
    Which Band Acted the Classic-Rock-iest at the 12.12.12 Concert?Scoring the age-old moves, song choices, and “I love you, New York!” patter of the Stones, Who, Clapton, Billy Joel, Bruce, and the rest of the white guys.
  19. better late than never?
    Thirty-Three-Year-Old Tickets to the Who Are Still Valid in Rhode IslandTicket holders from a canceled 1979 gig got to cash in for seats to the new tour.
  20. could’ve used some googling
    London Olympics Want Keith Moon to Play the Closing Ceremony Nevermind that he’s no longer alive. 
  21. fairy tales
    Once Upon a Time Casts Roger DaltreyAs a talking caterpillar.
  22. The Who’s Halftime Show Could’ve Been Better, Says the WhoRoger Daltrey: “I thought it went okay.”
  23. the who
    The Who Performs CSI MedleyYou weren’t the only one thinking about David Caruso during the Halftime Show!
  24. sports that use balls
    The Who Playing Super Bowl Halftime ShowFootball wizard?
  25. video games
    The Who: Rock Band Probably on the WayMore classic rock, in video-game form.
  26. the industry
    The Beatles to Be Discovered All Over AgainPlus: Pete Townshend! Susan Sarandon! Memphis Bleek!
  27. right-click
    Brendan Canning Would Like You to DancePlus: The Flaming Lips cover the Who!
  28. the early-evening news
    Roy Scheider Dead at 75Plus: Dolly Parton!
  29. the early-evening news
    Ben Kingsley Will Do Anything for MoneyRoger Daltrey, Pavarotti, and more!