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The Wicker Man

  1. What the 19 Movies to Ever Receive an ‘F’ CinemaScore Have in CommonMother! joins a small, motley group of auteurist misses and obvious clunkers.
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    Wicker Man Director Robin Hardy Dead at 86A family friend confirmed to the BBC.
  3. Against All Odds, Nicolas Cage Desires a Wicker Man SequelTHE BEES!
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    See the NSFW Trailer for The Wicker Tree, the Long-Awaited Wicker Man SequelIt’s a sequel to the original 1973 British horror film — so no Nic Cage.
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    The Wicker Tree Teaser: The Wicker Man Rides AgainTwo unsuspecting Texans go proselytizing in Scotland until … surprise!
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    Read the Muppet Wicker Man Online Comic BookFor Muppet-loving ‘Wicker Man’ fans who also enjoy graphic novels