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The Wizard Of Oz

  1. theories
    Why Did The Good Place Hide Wizard of Oz References in Last Week’s Episode?The Good Place loaded up the episode with a hot-air balloon, a wicked witch, and even a bit of Dr. Oz.
  2. The Secret Feminist History of Witches, As Told by a Practicing WitchThe patriarchy loves to spread cautionary tales about powerful women.
  3. vulture lists
    The 15 Greatest Witch Movies of All TimeFrom The Craft to The Wizard of Oz to The Witches.
  4. Why the Witch Is the Pop-Culture Heroine We Need Right NowStories about witches are stories about women, power, and harm.
  5. in development
    A Horror Movie Set in the Wizard of Oz World Is in the WorksSomething wicked this way comes.
  6. Wait, WTF Is Emerald City About?All the moments that will have you raising your eyebrows and thinking that there’s no place like home.
  7. tv review
    Emerald City, NBC’s Wizard of Oz Update, Is a Monotonous DudIt’s obvious that what NBC wants here is its own answer to The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.
  8. kickstarters
    Smithsonian Has $300K Campaign for Ruby SlippersThe slippers were made almost 80 years ago.
  9. videos
    Watch The Wizard of Oz in Alphabetical OrderFrom “Aaiee” to “Zipper.”
  10. really close readings
    7 Theories of What The Wizard of Oz Is Really AboutOver the years, both book and movie have fueled a number of elaborate theories as to the story’s deeper meanings.
  11. the wizard of oz
    See a Gary Busey–Hijacked Poster for The Wizard of OzThere’s no place like YIKES!
  12. the wizard of oz
    Watch The Wizard of Oz Synced Up With Pink FloydVCRs be damned!
  13. movies
    DiCaprio, Spielberg Save Oz Ruby SlippersThey led a group of donors to secure the classic shoes for the Academy.
  14. remakes
    The Wizard of Oz Will Be Remade by Robert ZemeckisThough he’ll use the original script.
  15. what's up next
    Reboots, Rom-Coms, and the Hulk: Meet the Shows in Development for 2011There’s a ‘Hulk’ remake, some ‘Mad Men’ homages, kung fu cops, and many, many gay character.
  16. obits
    Munchkin Coroner of Oz Dies at 94Meinhardt Raabe was an American icon.
  17. cover story
    Ghostface Wasn’t Kidding About That Wizard of Oz ThingNow this is an album cover.
  18. reboots
    Ben Silverman Follows the Yellow-Brick RoadIf he only had a brain!
  19. the industry
    Eva Mendes to Play Sexy PersonTim Allen, Bob Dylan, and Elvis Costello!