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The Wonder Years

  1. misconduct
    Fred Savage Fired From Wonder Years Reboot After Misconduct ComplaintsAn attorney for a previous accuser stated they were “not the least bit surprised.”
  2. reboots
    The Wonder Years Is Exactly What a Good Reboot Should BeThis week’s “Brad Mitzvah” episode is a great example of how a show can honor its predecessor while charting its own course.
  3. tv
    ABC Orders Quinta Brunson Comedy, Brandy’s Queens, and Wonder Years to SeriesSo that’s where all the comedies are headed.
  4. reboots
    The Wonder Years Reboot Ticks Ever Closer With ABC Pilot Pick-upThe network also ordered two other comedy pilots.
  5. nostalgia
    ABC Is Rebooting The Wonder Years With a Little Help From Lee DanielsThe pilot will follow a Black family in Montgomery, Alabama.
  6. The 10 Most Significant Super Bowl Lead-Out TV Episodes in HistoryRead all the way to the end for a prediction about who will win this year’s Super Bowl.
  7. sexual harassment
    Alley Mills Says The Wonder Years Canceled Over Sexual-Harassment LawsuitThe actress says a “ridiculous” 1993 lawsuit against stars Fred Savage and Jason Hervey led to the end of the series.
  8. high school tv showdown
    Which Was Better: Wonder Years or Veronica Mars?One was a popular show that’s almost been forgotten. The other was a barely watched show whose fans can’t let it go.
  9. on the scene
    12 Things We Learned At the Wonder Years ReunionKevin, Winnie, and Paul showed up in front of an audience of 200 fans.
  10. reunions
    Kevin and Winnie Will Have a Wonder Years Reunion at 92YKevin and Winnie! October 20 at 8:15 p.m.!
  11. vulture contests
    And the Winner of Our Wonder Years Haiku Contest Is …Cue the Daniel Stern narration.
  12. contests
    Enter Our Haiku Contest to Win a Complete DVD Set of The Wonder YearsKevin Arnold is / Up for grabs if you can write / a superb haiku.
  13. full circle
    Fred Savage to Direct The GoldbergsFull circle.
  14. vulture asks
    Vulture Asks: What TV Show Do You Wish Were on DVD?You can’t say The Wonder Years anymore.
  15. the comedy undercards
    Comedy Undercard: The Wonder Years vs. Doogie Howser, M.D.Who is better to have in your corner: Vinnie or Paul?
  16. nostalgia fact-check
    How Does The Wonder Years Hold Up?We did it for Winnie Cooper.
  17. It’s That Episode 24: Streeter Seidell/’The Wonder Years’ - My Father’s […]On “It’s That Episode,” Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to his apartment to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They […]
  18. tv
    The Wonder Years Is Streaming on NetflixAt long last!
  19. The Wonder Years Is Coming to Netflix StreamingNetflix just signed a new agreement with Fox to bring some more content to the streaming service, including Ally McBeal, the first season of […]
  20. tv
    TV Worlds Collide: Watch the Moment Kevin Arnold Met Zack MorrisFred Savage got Zack’d!
  21. the early-evening news
    Sending Pop Stars Over There, So We Don’t Have to Listen To Them Over HereIngmar Bergman and Gwen Stefani, together at last!