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    In the Green and We’re Only Alive… Are Two More Bursts of Musical-Theater EnergyTwo more from this summer’s group of invigorating new musicals.
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    Theater Reviews: Limited Young Lives in Nomad Motel and an Adapted Little WomenA pair of plays (one all new, one adapted from Louisa May Alcott’s novel) about young people finding their way in the world.
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    Theater Review: Men Behaving Bigly, in Burn This and SocratesAdam Driver looks giant up there onstage.
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    Review Roundup: At St. Ann’s, The B-Side Gives Voice to Forgotten MenPlus two well-intentioned misses.
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    Theater Review: Rage and Love Times 3, in 2 Strindberg Classics and The LightRevivals of Mies Julie and The Dance of Death, plus Loy A. Webb’s new play.
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    Theater Reviews: The Joys and Troubles of the Teaching PlayPlot Points in Our Sexual Development and India Pale Ale epitomize the ends of the spectrum.
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    Theater Reviews: A Vanya in Our English, and an Emperor Present But Not SeenRichard “Apple Family” Nelson brings his natural-language approach to Chekhov. Plus, a look at Haile Selassie’s last days in power.
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    Theater Reviews: Returning to Reims and In the Body of the WorldTwo deep dives: one into a philosopher’s memoir, the other into the playwright’s own reflection.
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    Theater Reviews: Cardinal and He Brought Her Heart Back in a BoxWhich would you rather experience: a play that’s too slick, or one that’s not quite slick enough?
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    Theater Reviews: Miles for Mary and The Homecoming QueenOne play tight and tense, the other shaggy and powerful. Neither is the one you’d think.
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    Theater Reviews: Pride and Prejudice and Peter Pan, ReimaginedA Wendy with a hint of her emerging womanhood; a Lizzy who stays girlish and a little silly.
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    Theater Review: An Ultra-Male, Female-Directed Clockwork OrangePlus two more productions that look at “otherness.”
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    Theater Reviews: On the Shore of the Wide World and Fucking ANew work from Simon Stephens and Suzan-Lori Parks.
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    Theater Review: The David Mamet Flameout Is Now CompleteEven the Mamet dialogue now misfires.
  15. Theater Reviews: Evening at the Talk House and Escaped AloneWallace Shawn and Caryl Churchill go apocalypto.
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    Theater: The Death of the Last Black Man …A vigorous moment for theater about the black experience.
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    Reviews: Les Liaisons Dangereuses and The HarvestFor Christopher Hampton and his collaborators, it’s a case of let them eat cake and have it too.
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    Review: The Metropolitan Opera’s Guillaume TellIf the gimmickry serves to express some idea about the opera, or about Rossini’s music, director Pierre Audi keeps that connection under wraps.
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    Theater Review: Can Troilus and Cressida Be Saved?Plus: Men on Boats, played by women not on boats.
  20. What Critics Are Saying About Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildYou could say it’s positively enchanting.
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    Rereviewed: She Loves Me Onscreen, The Color Purple RecastTwo excellent productions, seen fresh.
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    Theater: A Funny Thing … and Turn Me LooseA Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gynecologic Oncology Unit … and Turn Me Loose, reviewed.
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    Theater Reviews: The Total Bent and ParamourThe former is complex and sometimes hard to love; the latter is easy to hate.
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    Theater Review: The CrucibleDirector Ivo van Hove lets us feel more strongly the role the play’s overwhelming structural brilliance plays in locking us down.
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    Theater Review: The Encores! Revival of 1776It ranks as one of the best of the 68 musical revivals Encores! has offered in its 23 years of operation.
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    Theater Reviews: The Effect and Dry PowderLucy Prebble, the playwright behind Enron, returns.
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    Theater: The Robber Bridegroom, Southern ComfortWith source-material problems all around.
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    Theater: Disaster! and White Rabbit Red RabbitBad concept, good concept.
  29. Theater Reviews: Familiar and Red SpeedoTwo buzzy playwrights’ latest premieres — one of which delivers.
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    Theater Reviews: A Miscast Hughie and a Cheesy-Fun PericlesForest Whitaker is the wrong man for the job; Trevor Nunn serves a Shakespeare melt.
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    Theater Reviews: Hir and AllegianceTaylor Mac and George Takei.
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    Theater Reviews: Fool for Love and BarbecueSam Rockwell and Nina Arianda return to Broadway.
  33. Theater Reviews: Daddy Long Legs and Fondly, Collette RichlandOne reveals too much. The other …
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    Theater Reviews: The Christians and MorePlus a pair of reworked classics.
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    Theater Reviews: Artifice Wrecks, in Isolde and Desire“It just sits there, complacently making no sense.”
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    Theater Reviews: Heisenberg and The Twentieth-Century WayNothing uncertain about Mary-Louise Parker.
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    Theater Review: The Rime of the Ancient MarinerPlus Conor McPherson’s The Night Alive.
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    Reviews: Pairing Up Waiting for Godot and No Man’s Land“The mystery of deep acting at work.”
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    Reviews: Little Miss Sunshine, A Bed and a Chair“The air starts to leak out of Little Miss Sunshine’s story immediately after the opening number. “
  40. Theater Review: Twelfth Night and Richard IIIRichard, as presented here, is a compelling curiosity; Twelfth Night is sublime.”
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    Theater Reviews: The Glass Menagerie and ArguendoRepression times two.
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    Theater Reviews: Romeo and Juliet and Women or NothingPlus Ethan Coen’s Women or Nothing.
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    The Stage Dive Weekend ReviewA play that’s half-Chekov and half-Dallas, another that depicts Muhammad Ali meeting Stepin Fetchit, and a musical that’s Icecapades for nerds. Good times.
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    Friday the Rabbi Sang Out: Soul Doctor on BroadwayShlomo, we hardly knew ye.
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    The Stage Dive Weekend ReviewCheck ‘em out.
  46. The Stage Dive Weekend Roundup: Neil LaBute and More Neil LaBute is back — and strikes back, too.
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    A Family for All Occasions Is a Play of One DimensionDirected by Philip Seymour Hoffman.
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    Theater Reviews: Orphans and Jekyll & Hyde“The question that lingers after the swift little dream of Orphans passes is: What just happened? What was that about?”
  49. Theater Review: The Flick and The Lying LessonAnnie Baker finds truth; Craig Lucas, not so much.
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    Theater Reviews: The Revisionist and Much MorePlus The Madrid, Passion, The Dance and the Railroad, Katie Roche, and Much Ado About Nothing.
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