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  1. theater review
    Theater Review: A Temptations Bio-Musical and What Coulda BeenAin’t Too Proud: unbeatable songs and not much drama.
  2. theater review
    Theater Review: Suzan-Lori Parks’s White Noise Is Sneakily, Subtly RadicalWith the amazing Daveed Diggs at its center.
  3. spring preview
    Spring Theater Preview: Hadestown, Heidi Schreck, and More We Can’t Wait to SeeSo many plays!
  4. movies
    Broadway Musical Jekyll and Hyde Is Becoming a MovieThis *is* the moment.
  5. theater
    Oklahoma!’s Ali Stroker on Wheelchair Choreography and SexinessThe actress talks about backstage accessibility and sex appeal on wheels.
  6. behind the scenes
    When a Theater Reviewer Becomes the One Being ReviewedI was this magazine’s theater critic. Now I’ve co-written Broadway’s Beetlejuice: The Musical. Those jobs have one big thing in common.
  7. theater
    Avid Theatergoer Hillary Clinton Went to See the Gloria Steinem PlayDiane von Furstenberg and Steinem herself were also in attendance.
  8. theater review
    Theater Review: Can Kiss Me, Kate Survive a 2019 Gaze?Kelli O’Hara is nearly superhuman, and the highs in the show are very high. But you can’t get away from that script.
  9. theater
    Amy Schumer and Richard Jenkins to Star Movie Version of Tony-Winning The HumansThe cast includes Jayne Houdyshell and Steven Yeun.
  10. broadway
    Greatest Showman Hugh Jackman Is Coming Back to Broadway in The Music ManHarold Hill arrives October 2020.
  11. theater
    A Britney Spears Musical Is Coming to Chicago on Its Way to BroadwayOnce Upon a One More Time melds fairy tales with Britney with The Feminine Mystique.
  12. chat room
    Justice Smith on Acting With Isabelle Huppert and Detective PikachuSmith plays Huppert’s son in Florian Zeller’s The Mother.
  13. theater review
    Theater Review: Be More Chill Does High-School Drama With Knowing WickednessA story that casts a realistic eye on the cruelties of youth, and on the way graduating from high school doesn’t mean the end of our insecurities.
  14. theater review
    Theater Review: Restrained Power in If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must Be a Muhfucka“There’s a disturbing, powerful play hiding inside Tori Sampson’s If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must Be a Muhfucka, but it hasn’t worked its way out yet.”
  15. spring theater
    In King Lear, Glenda Jackson Conquers Her Everest“You’re seeing something you’ll never see again,” Sam Gold says of directing her in the title role on Broadway.
  16. theater review
    Review Roundup: At St. Ann’s, The B-Side Gives Voice to Forgotten MenPlus two well-intentioned misses.
  17. spring theater
    How Viral Sensation Be More Chill Hopes to Become Broadway’s Next Big ThingIt’s about high school, friendship, and an evil singing algorithm — how could it miss?
  18. profile
    How to Fuck With White SupremacyWith “Daddy” and Slave Play, Jeremy O. Harris does exactly that (sometimes literally).
  19. theater review
    Theater Review: Surface Tension by the Pool, in Jeremy O. Harris’s “Daddy”Louche life in Beverly Hills.
  20. broadway
    TV’s Nashville Is Being Developed as a Broadway MusicalIt’ll have all-new music — sorry, “Telescope” stans.
  21. photography
    How Ethan Hawke Transforms Into a ‘Cowboy’ Drifter for True West“When you’re doing eight shows a week, the life of an actor becomes very similar to the life of an athlete.”
  22. spring theater
    Tony Kushner and Heidi Schreck Talk About What the Constitution Means to MeIn advance of Constitution’s transfer to Broadway, Kushner and Schreck talk about his favorite new play and its reverberations large and small.
  23. broadway
    Andrea Martin Exits Broadway’s Gary After Breaking Ribs in RehearsalCast member Kristine Nielsen will replace her.
  24. last night on late night
    SNL’s Spiritual Sequel to ‘Diner Lobster’ Is All About Bodega BathroomsJohn Mulaney strikes again.
  25. theater review
    Theater Review: Does Superhero Get Off the Ground?Theater Review: Does Superhero Get Off the Ground?
  26. the glennaissance
    Glenn Close’s Sunset Boulevard Musical Has Found Its Mr. DeMilleRob Ashford is attached to direct the film based on the 1994 musical adaptation of the 1950 film.
  27. documentary now
    How Documentary Now Made the Sondheim-Alike Musical Co-opCo-writer John Mulaney and composer Eli Bolin share the stories behind Original Cast Album: Co-Op.
  28. theater review
    Theater Review: Creepers in Wonderland, in Alice by HeartShe’s late, apparently, for a very important date.
  29. theater review
    Theater Review: The Tightly Packed Power of Marys Seacole“An act of remembrance for the unremembered … a fierce, complex eulogy.”
  30. theater review
    Theater Review: Hurricane Diane, a Tragicomedy of Eco-CollapseA climate-saving tale that somehow reaches from ancient Greece to the housewives of Monmouth County, New Jersey.
  31. theater review
    Theater Review: Discovery and Rediscovery in By the Way, Meet Vera StarkAn overlooked (imagined) actress stands in for hundreds of lost Hollywood stories.
  32. theater review
    Theater Review: Fiasco Theater’s Lo-fi Reconstruction of Merrily We Roll AlongHow does it happen? Where is the moment?
  33. the theater
    Panic Erupts at Hamilton Performance Because of False Active Shooter ThreatMultiple people were injured as a result.
  34. theater review
    Theater Review: The Tasteful Goodness of Sea Wall and A LifeJake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge do some tear-jerking at the Public.
  35. broadway
    Michael Jackson Musical Cancels Chicago TryoutProducers blamed an Actors’ Equity strike.
  36. theater
    Theater Review: Rage and Love Times 3, in 2 Strindberg Classics and The LightRevivals of Mies Julie and The Dance of Death, plus Loy A. Webb’s new play.
  37. broadway
    Actors Who Help Develop Hit Broadway Shows to Share Profits Per New AgreementThe deal was struck between Actors’ Equity and the Broadway League on Friday.
  38. disney musicals
    A Hercules Musical Will Go the Distance to Central Park This SummerBless my soul!
  39. broadway closings
    Broadway’s Anastasia Will Close Once Upon a March 31The movie adaptation started performances in March 2017.
  40. super bowl 2019
    What the Hell Happened at the Skittles Musical?For one, Michael C. Hall sang a lot about Skittles.
  41. broadway closings
    Best Musical Winner The Band’s Visit Will Close April 7Floating out on a jasmine wind.
  42. off broadway
    Can Merrily We Roll Along Finally Find Its Ideal Self?How a new production revised Sondheim and Furth’s musical.
  43. broadway
    The ’90s Live! Alanis Morissette Musical Jagged Little Pill Coming to BroadwayWho would’ve thought … it figures.
  44. tv ratings
    Rent: Live Was the Least-Watched Live TV MusicalBut it’s not all bad news for Fox: Rent didn’t reach a big audience, but it did reach a desirable demo.
  45. no day but yesterday
    Rent: Live Should Have Made TV History. Instead, It Wasn’t Even Live.Release the actual live performance of Rent, Fox. It’s not too late to make this right.
  46. one grand books
    Terrence McNally’s 10 Favorite BooksWilliam Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and more.
  47. theater review
    Theater Review: A True West That Simmers Instead of Boiling OverA dose of restraint in a play that typically calls for amped-up intensity.
  48. out of town theater
    The Magic Mike Musical Will Strip in Boston on the Way Toward BroadwayThe musical is a prequel to both Channing Tatum films.
  49. broadway
    Audra McDonald and Michael Shannon to Do Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de LuneBeginning performances on Broadway May 2019.
  50. theater review
    Theater Review: Eddie and Dave Tries to Get to What’s RealA deep and gender-flipped dive into Van Halen.
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