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  1. theme to meme
    Why Is the Succession Theme So Meme-able?Short answer: It slaps.
  2. succession
    Good God, Pusha T Remixed the Succession Theme“There was only one person on the list. Of course it had to be Pusha.”
  3. emmys 2019
    Just 13 Seconds of Succession Composer Wailing on That Theme SongNicholas Britell is now an Emmy winner.
  4. theme songs
    Close Your Eyes and Let the Mariah Carey Mixed-ish Theme Song Wash Over YouThe elusive chanteuse strikes again.
  5. theme songs
    Mariah Carey Sings the Mixed-ish Theme Song, ‘In the Mix’The song — and the show — debuts next month.
  6. suits!
    Was This Band Trolling or Welcoming Meghan Markle With Suits’ Theme Song?An important question from her royal tour.
  7. soundtracked
    Why Doctor Who Went Back to Basics With Its New Theme Song“I wanted to go back to the original,” composer Segun Akinola says.
  8. theme songs
    Why The Deuce Got a New Theme SongElvis Costello’s “This Year’s Girl” is a perfect fit for the HBO show.
  9. last night on late night
    Of Course Will Smith Sang the Fresh Prince Theme Song With Jimmy FallonBecause obviously.
  10. last night on late night
    SNL Reimagines The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song With a Darker Ending“Turns out, the guys I fought weren’t regular thugs, they were a powerful gang running guns and drugs.”
  11. exclusive
    Watch the Opening Credits for the CW’s Dynasty Reboot“The original is so iconic and we wanted to pay tribute to it in some way.”
  12. soundtracked
    The Story Behind Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Iconic Theme SongLarry David first heard it in a random bank commercial.
  13. the vulture tv podcast
    The TV Theme Songs We Have to Sing Along to (and the Ones We Have to Skip)And the ones long enough you can get up to get a snack.
  14. batman does whatever a batman does
    Everything About Batman Is Awesome in The Lego Batman Movie Theme Song“Who never skips leg day? Batman!”
  15. mashup heaven
    Hear Stranger Things & Twin Peaks Mash-up Theme“Stranger Peaks” doubles down on the synth.
  16. covers
    St. Vincent Covers The Golden Girls ThemeTruly the biggest gift of all.
  17. hard pass
    Ray Parker Jr Weighs In on New Ghostbusters SongIt would have made him feel good.
  18. sports
    Watch the Olympics 2016 Theme Song Music VideoSports! Brazil! Good Times!
  19. unlikely unions
    You Can Thank Jack White for Maya and Marty’s Extremely Retro Theme SongTransporting us back to the 1970s, one beat at a time.
  20. fuller house
    Hear Carly Rae Jepsen’s Fuller House ThemeWhatever happened to …
  21. theme songs
    Carly Rae Jepsen Has Redone the Full(er) House Theme SongThat is, the theme song to your childhood.
  22. The Office Almost Had a Different Theme SongBut we’ll all float on okay, won’t we?
  23. theme songs
    David Bowie Did The Last Panthers Theme SongHear a snippet of “Blackstar.”
  24. speculation nation
    Sam Smith Hints at Spectre ParticipationNice ring, Sam!
  25. pianos
    Pianist Plays the (Not) Living Hell Out of The Walking Dead Theme SongShe is very talented!
  26. Danny Elfman Calls the ‘Simpsons’ Theme ‘the Easiest Thing I’ve Ever Done’Did you know that the melody of the Simpsons theme song was conceived by composer Danny Elfman while he was driving home from a meeting with […]
  27. theme songs
    Hear Fiona Apple’s New Theme Song for The AffairStarring Ruth Wilson and Dominic West.
  28. 1994-95 tv week
    The My So-Called Life Soundtrack Is the BestCue the Buffalo Tom.
  29. vulture compendiums
    The 1994–95 TV Season’s New Shows, Graded by Their Theme SongsFrom Muscle to My So-Called Life, and everything in between.
  30. vulture lists
    11 ’80s TV Theme Songs You Can Still Hum From MemoryCome on, show me that smile again.
  31. candy
    Watch the Queen’s Guard Perform the Game of Thrones Theme SongAt Buckingham Palace.
  32. Jerry Seinfeld Singing the Theme Song to ‘Comedians in Cars’ Is Somehow […] The season premiere of Jerry Seinfeld’s web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee dropped today with comedian Sarah Jessica Parker as the […]
  33. Watch Aimee Mann and Ted Leo Cover a Bunch of Sitcom Theme Songs Vulture had music duo The Both (Aimee Mann and Ted Leo) into the studio to record a medley of really depressing sitcom theme songs, including […]
  34. perfect sound forever
    Watch Ted Leo and Aimee Mann Play TV Theme SongsCheers, Community, Orange Is the New Black, and more!
  35. ‘South Park’ Improved the ‘Game of Thrones’ Theme Song From last night’s Game of Thrones-centric episode of South Park, here’s the updated a cappella version of Games of Thrones’ theme song, which […]
  36. theme songs
    Listen to Carrie Underwood Sing the Sunday Night Football Theme SongShe performed the newest Sunday Night Football theme song.
  37. quiz
    Quiz: Name That Tune, TV Theme Song EditionCan you name these memorable television jingles?
  38. Listen to the Batman Theme As Played by BatsIt’s like the original song, only terrifying.
  39. how regal
    The Game of Thrones Theme Gets Even ClassierGame of Thrones 101 is a required course at our University.
  40. sing alongs
    Watch the Game of Thrones Cast Sing the Show’s Theme SongNo lyrics, no problem.
  41. theme songs
    Hear Jake Johnson Sing the New Girl Theme SongWho’s that guy? Who’s that guy? It’s Jake!
  42. theme songs
    Will Smith Sang the Fresh Prince Song in EnglandAnd the crowd went wild, naturally.
  43. Hear the Stark Children Beatboxing Game of Thrones Theme SongKids beatbox the darndest themes.
  44. Hear the Beverly Hills Cop Theme Played on Eight Floppy DrivesEddie Murphy gets hacked.
  45. jazz it!
    Vulture Wrote a Better, Even Jazzier Homeland Theme SongHomeland’s been a lot less jazzy lately, but we have the cure!
  46. game of thrones
    Hear the Game of Thrones Theme on an Eigenharp Alpha Also, what is an Eigenharp Alpha?
  47. game of thrones
    Hear the Game of Thrones Theme Played on KazooWe didn’t say it sounded nice.
  48. cat videos
    Watch a Cat Sing the Star Wars ThemeWatch your back, Game of Thrones cat.
  49. Jimmy Fallon and the Cast of ‘Guys with Kids’ Sing Sitcom Theme Songs to […] Jimmy Fallon produced and co-created the new NBC sitcom Guys with Kids, so last night he had the show’s three stars, Anthony Anderson, Zach […]
  50. game of thrones
    Hear the Game of Thrones Theme Played by the FSU Marching BandGo team!
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