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  1. vegetables
    Does Kevin Hart Know How an Onion Works? A Vulture InvestigationWe decided to conduct an experiment to find out if onions are, in fact, endless.
  2. conspiracy theories
    Is Ethel Muggs the True Criminal Mastermind of Riverdale?A very serious theory.
  3. theories
    Where in the World Is Nathan on Insecure?Ten theories on the whereabouts of Issa’s missing boyfriend.
  4. The Best Westworld Fan Theories About the Season Two FinaleFrom the most likely to the most ridiculous.
  5. vulture lists
    Who Will Play The Good Place’s Eternal Judge?“You’re in for a very big treat. You won’t believe it.”
  6. theories
    Why Did The Good Place Hide Wizard of Oz References in Last Week’s Episode?The Good Place loaded up the episode with a hot-air balloon, a wicked witch, and even a bit of Dr. Oz.
  7. theories
    Why Riverdale’s Black Hood Reveal Has to Be a Fake-OutIt’s a bit of a letdown otherwise.
  8. theories
    All the Signs Holden Ford on Mindhunter Is a Developing PsychopathSomething seems off about Holden Ford from the minute we meet him.
  9. theories
    So, What’s Going on With Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks: The Return?All the possible theories.
  10. fur capes
    Did Game of Thrones’ Costume Designer Just Reveal a Major Season-7 Spoiler?It seems there’s a lot of traveling ahead.
  11. ‘Where Is Twin Peaks?’ Is the New ‘Who Killed Laura Palmer?’Lynch is fully aware of our hunger for the show’s original charm, and he is leveraging our appetite as the season’s dramatic engine.
  12. theories
    How Will Silicon Valley Kill Off Erlich Bachman?Now that Erlich is leaving the show for good, there is only one way for him to go: He has to die.
  13. theories
    A Guide to All The Leftovers Theories About the DepartureEveryone thinks they have the answer.
  14. theory time
    All of Our Favorite Big Little Lies Murder TheoriesWho is the killer? Who will be killed?
  15. theories
    Here Are Our Theories on That Gilmore Girls EndingIt’s gonna take a long time to process this one.
  16. theories
    Is the Ending of Black Mirror’s ‘San Junipero’ Exactly As It Seems?What really happened with Kelly and Yorkie?
  17. theories
    Before The Night Of Finale, Let’s Consider the Murder SuspectsAll we’re saying is: Don’t rule out the cat.
  18. theories
    Cursed Child’s Strangest Twist: The BackstoryA look back at an important Rowling influence.
  19. theories
    This Mr. Robot Reality-Bending Twist Theory Is Going StrongLots of new evidence.
  20. theories
    We Have a Mr. Robot TheoryIn which we predict the next big twist.
  21. theories
    Okay, But Who’s Going to Kill Cersei Now on Game of Thrones?Arya? Jaime?
  22. theories
    Jeffrey Dean Morgan on TWD and TGW Are the SameEvidence that proves Negan and Jason are the same person.
  23. theories
    Why the Latest Game of Thrones Death Might Not Be Like the OthersBook readers have theories.
  24. theories
    Drake’s New Mixtape: An Escape From His Label?All signs point to yes. 
  25. vulture lists
    The 7 Greatest Wrong Lost Theories EverPlus our guesses on how the show would have ended if they’d actually been right.
  26. never let go jack
    Mythbusters Proves That Jack Didn’t Have to DieBooooo, James Cameron.
  27. theories
    Chris Rock: ‘Carrot Top’s Better Than Mort Sahl’“If Sydney Pollack was around today, he’d be directing episodes of True Blood.”
  28. theories
    Justin Bieber Is Training With Mike Tyson, ApparentlyAs a boxer.
  29. theories
    Is Justin Bieber Going to Become a Boxer Now?He has been doing it, a lot.
  30. theories
    Butt-Shaking and Tom Waits: On New Girl’s Nick and Jess Fake-OutsIs the show afraid of a Nick-Jess hookup?
  31. theories
    How Evil a Bond Villain Is Javier Bardem? Check the Blond Hair Test!Where will he fall on a spectrum that includes The Karate Kid’s Johnny Lawrence and Draco Malfoy?
  32. theories
    See How Superhero Movie Trailers Are Always Better in Another LanguageNo more distractingly cheesy dialogue, just mysterious words that could be well-written for all we know.
  33. theories
    George Lucas Backtracks on Apocalyptic 2012 Fantasies“But he is an adamant believer that the world is flat, that Stonehenge was built by aliens, and that the sun revolves around the Earth,” says a Lucasfilm rep.
  34. theories
    George Lucas Fears 2012 Apocalypse, Says Seth Rogen“I first thought he was joking.”
  35. theories
    The Hidden ‘Inception’ Within InceptionThe idea that might have been planted within Cobb’s subconscious.
  36. lost
    The Latest Internet ‘Lost’ TheoriesWhat will happen in Sunday’s two-and-a-half-hour finale?
  37. lost
    Latest Lost Theories: Black and WhiteCatch up on the latest responses to this season’s most polarizing episode yet.
  38. lost
    The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesOur latest theory roundup questions MiB’s intentions, Lapidus’s death, and a few too many coincidences.
  39. lost
    Get Off My Boat: The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesHas Smokey really been behind all the ghost Christian appearances?
  40. lost
    You’ve Got Liana On You: Latest Lost TheoriesWhat is Desmond up to in L.A., exactly?
  41. lost
    Desmond Delivers: The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesSadly, no one had theories about why he didn’t take his shirt off.
  42. lost
    Human Trafficking: The Latest Online Lost TheoriesEveryone’s relieved that Desmond is “the package,” but what does it mean?
  43. lost
    To Hell and Back: The Latest Web Lost TheoriesSadly, no one figured out what brand of eyeliner Richard uses.
  44. lost
    The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesWhat’s the deal with Smokey and Widmore, anyway?
  45. lost
    The Doctor Is In: The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesDynamite and submarines and immortality, oh my!
  46. lost
    Choosing Sides: The Latest Theories on LostTalk of zombies, wishes granted, and the return of Shannon.
  47. lost
    The Name Game: The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesWhat’s in a name? As this week’s installment of ‘Lost’ reminded us, a whole lot.
  48. theories
    Does Radiohead Actually [Gasp] ‘Kinda Blow’?That’s the theory that ‘Spin’ magazine is advancing.
  49. theories
    Is Jay-Z a Satanist?Does the first single off of ‘The Blueprint’ contain “obvious hints leading towards Luciferian philosophy and occult orders”?
  50. mysteries
    So Just Who in the Sam Hill Is Jacob, Anyway?Beats us! Still, we have some theories that just might interest you.
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