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They’re Just Like Us

  1. they’re just like us
    George Clooney Explains How He Infamously Gave $14 Million in Cash to His BFFsStep one: Star in Gravity.
  2. they’re just like us
    Lenny Kravitz on That Big Scarf: ‘It Was Cold’ “Okay, the scarf is big, but the internet has made the scarf enormous.”
  3. they’re just like us
    Coldplay Drops Two New Songs Off Everyday Life About, Well, Everyday LifeWith lyrics such as “I wanna know when I can go / back and get drunk with my friends.”
  4. they’re just like us
    Daniel Radcliffe Is Secretly Homer SimpsonAnd also, he’s kind of a slob.
  5. Tom Cruise Serenaded Def Leppard, Malin Ackerman’s BacksideThey approved of his rendition of “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”
  6. salute these shorts
    Watch Patton Oswalt Recount Matthew McConaughey’s Poor Wardrobe Choices“I thought his balls were going to come out the entire time.”