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This Is Us Season 2

  1. Justin Hartley on Kevin’s Transformation in This Is UsPlus, what it was like working with Sylvester Stallone.
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    The 7 Best Plot Twists in This Is Us, RankedFrom shocking deaths to family secrets, not all twists are created equal on This Is Us.
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    This Is Us Producer Hints That Deja’s Father May Play a Part in the Next SeasonRandall is going to have some feelings about this.
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    Chrissy Metz on Her This Is Us Wedding and the Process of Letting Go“Jack will be forever in Kate’s heart, but she had to make room for Toby.”
  5. The This Is Us Finale Confirms This Show Is No Longer Comfort FoodOh my God, this show is the saddest thing on network television.
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    This Is Us Season Finale Recap: A Toast to the FutureThe great Ka-Toby wedding is finally upon us!
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    The Most Tear-Worthy Moments in This Is Us Season 2, RankedThe weepiest scenes in NBC’s very weepy family drama.
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    This Is Us Recap: Counting the BedsIt’s Deja’s turn to get the This Is Us treatment.
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    This Is Us Recap: The Head and the HeartRaise your hand if you’re thankful this episode wasn’t another weepfest.
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    This Is Us Star Logan Shroyer on Why Kevin Is the ‘Black Sheep’“What he said to his dad was horrible.”
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    Milo Ventimiglia on This Is Us, Jack’s Death, and Acting With Mandy Moore“I’m personally still around on the show, Jack is still around, not going anywhere.”
  12. This Is Us Was Never Just About Jack Pearson’s DeathWhy Jack’s demise should mark the end of This Is Us fan theories.
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    This Is Us Recap: Life After Jack“The Car” may not be as intense as “Super Bowl Sunday,” but it is just as emotional.
  14. This Is Us Directors on Jack’s Death and What’s Next for the Pearsons“The plan is we’ll be seeing even more of Jack. We’re not putting a period on anything.”
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    This Is Us Notches Biggest Post–Super Bowl Audience Since 2012Nearly 27 million viewers caught the super-sad episode, though ratings sagged for the big game itself.
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    This Is Us Recap: Good-bye, Jack PearsonFrom the Super Bowl to the Super Bawl, am I right?
  17. This Is Us Reveals the Tragic Truth About Jack’s DeathAnd it’s heartbreaking.
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    This Is Us Recap: Gone Longer Than We Had HimThe story about Jack’s last day and how it led to tragedy.
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    This Is Us Recap: Let’s Go to the MallAll I want to do is watch HGTV and drink apricot LaCroix with Miguel.
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    This Is Us Mid-Season Premiere Recap: Family TherapyHoly hell, This Is Us is not messing around with this episode.
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    Sterling K. Brown on Randall’s Big Episode“Believe me, it was like, ’I don’t want to say good-bye to this little girl.’”
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    This Is Us Recap: Randall’s StoryThanksgiving is a rough holiday for the Pearsons.
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    This Is Us Recap: Kate’s Story“Number Two” deals with the aftermath of Kate’s miscarriage.
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    This Is Us Recap: Kevin’s StoryIt’s depressing as hell to watch Kevin Pearson hit rock bottom.
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    This Is Us Recap: The Justice SystemFinally, This Is Us dives into the story of Randall’s adoption.
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    This Is Us Recap: I Got You, BabeMandy Moore is doing something very special in season two.
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    This Is Us Recap: Brotherly LoveIt turns out Randall and Kevin aren’t the only Pearson brothers.
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    This Is Us Recap: Parenting Isn’t EasyThis week’s Deja story line is authentic and emotional in the very best way.
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    This Is Us Recap: Yo, Sylvester Stallone!Sly Stallone’s This Is Us stint isn’t just a quick cameo.
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    The 15 Greatest Beth Pearson Moments on This Is UsSusan Kelechi Watson is the show’s low-key MVP.
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    This Is Us Recap: Beth & Randall & KevinThe Pearson clan heads to L.A. for a very special taping of The Man-ny.
  32. The Evolution of Fat Women on TVFrom Friends to This Is Us.
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    This Is Us Season Two Premieres With Record-breaking NumbersThe show is still a hit, and it’s getting bigger.
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    This Is Us Season-Premiere Recap: After the FightBuckle up, kids: Season two is going to be intense.
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    Let’s Talk About the Season Premiere of This Is UsWhat did you think of ‘A Father’s Advice’?
  36. 9 Theories About Jack Pearson’s Death on This Is UsHow will Jack die? Let’s take a close look at the biggest fan theories.
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    The Most Emotional Speeches on This Is Us, Ranked by How Much They Made Us CryBetter grab some Kleenex before you watch these scenes.