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This Week In Web Videos

  1. this week in web videos
    And You Thought You Knew Everything About Stock PhotographyYou’ll never see stock photos the same way again.
  2. this week in web videos
    A Maine Movie Is $1M Worth of Movie for $75KFeaturing Gary Richardson, Ana Fabrega, John Reynolds, and more.
  3. this week in web videos
    I Loved The Passage Even Though I Didn’t Like It At AllCheck out Philip Burgers and Kitao Sakurai’s bizarre short if you haven’t yet.
  4. this week in web videos
    Two Thanksgiving Treats: Selfsgiving and a Porn Star’s SpeechPrepare for the holiday with these two very funny videos.
  5. this week in web videos
    Imagine the Horror of a One Way Wolf Blitzer Freaky FridayIf you watch too much news, it could happen to you.
  6. this week in web videos
    Doctors Reveal Their Greatest Mistakes: The Sweet Spot for New Creators“We’re only human.”
  7. this week in web videos
    The Crying Chef: Need We Say More?“I honestly thought she had gone to war. But I think the battle’s inside her.”
  8. this week in web videos
    Embarrassingly, We Are Just Learning About Detective CalzoneBetter late than never.
  9. this week in web videos
    Insufferable Men and the Surprising Joy of The GrillmastersCheck out Devin Field, Zac Oyama, and Jacob Wysocki’s new short.
  10. this week in web videos
    Meet SNL’s New Video Directors: Hannah Levy and Adriana RoblesGet to know the women behind the camera of SNL’s digital shorts this season.
  11. this week in web videos
    Astronomy Club: Comedy Central’s Best New Digital Series“If as black actors we are forced to play slave roles in movies set in the 18th century, you better believe we ‘bout to do a slave sketch!”
  12. this week in web videos
    Reveries: A Perfect Visual Comedy AlbumMany people won’t get this or bother to watch the whole thing. Those people will miss out.
  13. this week in web videos
    Tommy Wants His Mommy: We Want to Watch More at 2 a.m.This bizarre quarter-hour animated short is worth your time.
  14. this week in web videos
    Depressed: Proof Sadness Can Be Funny, Never CoolNadia Osman’s series is more than funny — it’s real and affecting.
  15. this week in web videos
    Branchburg: Wildy, Wonderfully WeirdMaking weird stuff is easy. Making weird stuff good is genius.
  16. this week in web videos
    Blake Rosier’s Still Killing Prank VideosNot familiar with this guy? It’s time to change that.
  17. this week in web videos
    ‘Shelf Life’: The Script Has Been FlippedAlly Iseman’s web series Flip the Script is as funny as it is horrifying.
  18. this week in web videos
    This Is What Happens When You Leave the RoomThe truth is finally revealed.
  19. this week in web videos
    Cool Ass Dank Ass Shit and Our Growing Appetite for Watching People WatchFive years ago, this fever-dream short would’ve been unwatchable.
  20. this week in web videos
    This Week in Acid Trips: ‘Bushwick Tarzan’Who will save Bushwick from Dr. Acid?
  21. this week in web videos
    Middle School Talent Show: Why Is It Funny to See Adults Play Kids?Lizzy McGroder’s new series pulls it off very well.
  22. this week in web videos
    Watch If You Dare: 3 Very Dark ShortsYou’ve been warned.
  23. this week in web videos
    Why Aren’t We Talking About Chloe Fineman?She is long overdue for a break.
  24. Chemistry? Watch Sheila Carrasco and Eliot Schwartz in Piano LessonsThey’re the Marty and Bobbi Mohan-Culp of 2018.
  25. this week in web videos
    Thirty Pain: We Feel ItIf you haven’t turned 30 yet, here’s an honest look at what you can expect.
  26. this week in web videos
    My Show: So Good I Can’t Tell If It’s BadMy Show is less a rickety homage to the talk-show form than an outright mockery of it.
  27. this week in web videos
    Calling It: Dreamer Will Be a Festival DarlingWe warned you: Dreamer is a short worth watching.
  28. this week in web videos
    Don’t Miss: This Week in Web VideosOur weekly web video roundup is back and better than ever.
  29. ‘Distance’: This Is Digital’s Next StepThe web series is dead. Okay, okay, don’t freak out, let me clarify. As Facebook and YouTube algorithms steer us toward original content […]
  30. ‘From One Guy to Another’: Worth 18 MinutesComedians and longtime UCB performing partners Jackie Jennings and James Dwyer made a pledge this time last year: to spend one full day […]
  31. ‘The Co-Worker’ Makes You Meaner, SorryI can’t help but root for the mean guy here. Byron Brown’s portrayal of a shitbag co-worker is somehow irresistible. Equally fun is the […]
  32. ‘Weird Movies’: This Week in Insane AnimationWritten and voiced by Steven Markow and animated by Felipe Di Poi Tamargo, Weird Movies will take over your brain. No, really. I’ve watched it […]
  33. ‘Phantom Bread’: So Dumb, So FunIt seems too easy: a Phantom Thread parody about a baker called Phantom Bread. Know what? It is that easy. Written by and starring Anna Salinas […]
  34. ‘Beethoven’s Producer’ Shows the Changing Tide in Digital ComedyIt’s been nearly two years since we featured Chuck Armstrong and Charlie Stockman’s work, and in that time, digital comedy’s landscape has […]
  35. ‘Triple Kiss’: Billy Scafuri Goes SoloWith these ten minutes of sweet absurdity, the longtime Harvard Sailing Team (HST) member has flexed his muscles as a solo creator with an […]
  36. A Recommendation: TheSoftballFreeAgent.comMike Camerlengo’s got a knack for being a digital one-man show. Five years after we featured his ultra low-fi Unsolicited about a guy who […]
  37. ‘Hot Take’: Worth Having a Take OnWritten, edited, and directed by Corey Sherman, Hot Take is a delightful contribution to the growing field of hot take jokes. For the […]
  38. ‘I, Nancy’: This Week in Trailer ParodiesLike someone doing a spot-on celebrity impression, even the best parodies are, at their very core, marvels of the derivative. Still, there’s […]
  39. ‘Blair’: TBS Is Lookin’ at Instagram!In 2014, comedian Mo Welch posted her first comic on her @momowelch Instagram handle. It featured a simply drawn depressive named Blair and […]
  40. The Perfect Belt CommercialMollie Merkel’s got a great belt. She wants to tell you all about it. Now, this is just my opinion but, I think you’d be wise to listen […]
  41. ‘So You’re Grounded’: The Definitive Training Video ParodyI’m a human. We all are (probably), and we’ve all got the Internet. That means one thing, and one thing only: we’ve all seen training video […]
  42. ‘Boyfriend Rock’ Is a Wednesday GiftBridgid Ryan’s Boyfriend Rock is a well-produced music video with a perfect folk rock melody. That polish, though, is just preamble to the core […]
  43. Well Worth 1 Minute: This Week in Commercial ParodyThese days, commercial parodies are a dime a dozen, and so is dad humor, but this dad-centric commercial parody from… The Dad still deserves […]
  44. See ‘See Something, Say Something’Occasionally, we’ll feature live performances-cum-web videos (best not to Google that phrase), and this week is one of those times. See […]
  45. ‘Emergency Room’: Wonderful, Twist AsideNot everything needs a twist. Tynan DeLong and Colin Burgess’s short Emergency Room is so well-executed at its simplest core idea–nurse/doctor […]
  46. ‘Bjork’: My First Favorite Short of 2018Welcome back, dear readers. Do you already need a break from the grind? Well, do you? Okay, good. Here’s that break. It’s directed by a […]
  47. What’s an ATM Mechanic? You’re in for a TreatThis is the last This Week in Web Videos column. Not forever, but for the year. I’m choosing not to feature a holiday-themed piece. Is that […]
  48. ‘Lil’ Alex Jones’: Exactly What It Sounds LikeCafe’s new series Lil’ Alex Jones features a very young man doing his best Alex Jones impersonation. That’s essentially it. No, sorry, […]
  49. this week in web videos
    Two Women Creators Have Reminders for MenMen are undergoing a bit of a renaissance right now. A bad one. The Bad Renaissance, as it shall henceforth be known. Whereas the 14th […]
  50. New Comic Gets 300k Views in 10 Hours and Deserves ThemThere are plenty of overnight YouTube hits that don’t really deserve their flash in the pan. A backflip gone wrong. A toddler saying something […]
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