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Thomas Edison

  1. the industry
    Cumberbatch, Gyllenhaal to Make Movie TogetherThe movie’s called The Current War. It’s about currents.
  2. biopics
    J.J. Abrams Is Making a Movie About ‘Rugged’ Stud Muffin Thomas EdisonIt worked with Stephen Hawking!
  3. bright ideas
    NBC Developing Thomas Edison Cop ShowI invented the lightbulb, and you are under arrest!
  4. Left Handed Radio: ‘Like Bradley Cooper in ‘Limitless"’ On this live episode: Thomas Edison gets up to mischief with his new invention, Darrel Dactyl goes on a job interview, Baldanzi is assigned a […]
  5. apropos of nothing
    In Your Face, Edison: New Oldest Recording FoundWe are now working to find a way to make the world’s newest oldest sound recording our new ringtone.