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Thomas Lennon

  1. the industry
    NBC Does Something Right, Gives Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant a ShowPlus: Zombie romance is finally here.
  2. the industry
    Chris Pine Now Just Printing His Own MoneyPlus: Sharon Stone! Thomas Lennon! Bat Boy!
  3. salute these shorts
    Reno 911! CanceledThomas Lennon “won’t be wearing the shorts again.”
  4. quote machine
    Thomas Lennon: Paul Rudd a Better Kisser Than Robert PattinsonPlus: Jonathan Safran Foer will take a glass of your finest breast milk.
  5. chat room
    17 Again’s Thomas Lennon on Kissing Paul Rudd, Admiring Zac Efron, and Picking Wedgies“Either the shorts are getting smaller or I’m nosing up on 40.”
  6. quote machine
    Jack Nicholson Faces His Own Libido’s MortalityPlus: Glen Hansard, Colin Hanks, and Vince Vaughn!
  7. quote machine
    Zach Galifianakis Refuses to Disclose Humping SecretsDavid Wain, Robert Downey Jr., and more!