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  1. superheroes
    Christian Bale Reportedly Crossing the Bifrost Bridge to Thor: Love and ThunderThe role is as-yet undisclosed, but we’re all hoping villain, right?
  2. sdcc 2019
    Natalie Portman Will Play Female Thor in Upcoming Marvel Movie“I always had hammer envy,” the actress told crowds at San Diego Comic-Con 2019.
  3. t4or
    More Thor in Store, Taika Waititi to Direct Thor 4But his Akira adaptation has been put on hold.
  4. Jeff Goldblum on Becoming a Sex Symbol and Learning to Play Himself“People write Jeff Goldblum-y parts and they want me to do them and that’s fine. I think I can even do a better version of it.”
  5. avengers infinity war
    Avengers: Infinity War’s Facial Hair, RankedThere are good guys and bad guys and Infinity Stones, but this is really a movie about facial hair.
  6. 25 Movies to See Over Thanksgiving WeekendRanging from movies to see with kids to your dad — or to inflict psychological damage on your loved ones.
  7. marvel cinematic universe
    I Didn’t Give a Sh*t About Marvel Movies Till Tessa Thompson in Thor: RagnarokWatching Tessa Thompson in Ragnarok was an exercise in reclaiming my time.
  8. marvel cinematic universe
    An Interview With Thor’s Wig: He’s Not in Thor: Ragnarok, But He’s Fine With ItLeaving Thor freed him up to pursue his other hobbies: music videos, stand-up, pottery.
  9. Thor: Ragnarok’s Deadpan, Camp Comedy Elevates It Into the StratosphereTaika Waititi is a wonderful comic director, but the cookie-cutter plot brings the movie back down to Earth.
  10. roll clip!
    Watch What Thor Was Up to During Civil WarHis roommate, Darryl, seems pretty chill.
  11. Why John Krasinski Didn’t Play Captain AmericaBy God!
  12. marvel cinematic universe
    Natalie Portman Says She’s Probably Done With the Marvel Cinematic UniverseBut never say never.
  13. There’s a Roller Coaster Next to the Thor SetThor gets what Thor wants.
  14. the more you know
    28 Things You Learn While Hanging Out With Tom Hiddleston“At a party I’ll be the first person on the dance floor and the last sweaty mess at the end of the night. I don’t even think I can dance particularly well.”
  15. odin he didn't
    Mel Gibson Turned Down the Role of Thor’s DadHe was gonna be Thor’s dad, Odin, o-then he wasn’t.
  16. tv
    Tom Hiddleston Is More Than the Internet’s BoyfriendHe also happens to be a very good actor. 
  17. last night on late night
    Chris Hemsworth Tells a Bad Thor Joke; You Laugh, Because He’s Chris HemsworthGod of thunder, hear my punchline.
  18. thor ragnarok
    Cate Blanchett Is in Talks for Thor: RagnarokPlease, let her play a Norse goddess.
  19. deleted scenes
    Watch This Deleted Avengers: Age of Ultron FightFrom the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Two box set.
  20. comic-book movies
    Thor 3 Rumors Say Valkyrie Will Appear with HulkAnd maybe Enchantress, too.
  21. Marvel’s Female-Superhero RenaissanceA-Force, Spider-Gwen, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Thor: There’s never been a better time for female superheroes and fans.
  22. goddesses of thunder
    We Know the New Female Thor’s Secret Identity!And we talked to Thor scribe Jason Aaron about it!
  23. explainers assemble!
    Everything You’ll Need to Know for Avengers: Age of Ultron, in 7 MinutesOtherwise, you’d have to rewatch ten movies.
  24. ‘SNL’ Review: Walking Tall with Chris HemsworthOne of the bigger frustrations for those of us following SNL’s 40th season is that, despite the show’s ongoing ups and downs, this current […]
  25. Chris Hemsworth Will Host Saturday Night Live on March 7Mark your calendars!
  26. forsooth!
    See the First Comics Appearance of the Female ThorAnd the first three pages of the comic, too!
  27. easter eggs
    This 12-Minute Video Attempts to Explain Every Marvel Easter EggCount the Stan Lee cameos!
  28. slashfic writers will be so happy
    Marvel Is Making a Female ThorAnd they announced it on The View.
  29. role play
    Clark Gregg Walks Us Through 10 of His Most Memorable RolesLike that time he played Miranda’s lying lover on Sex and the City.
  30. weekend box office
    Thor: The Dark World Maintains Box Office Lead But The Best Man Holiday came in at a surprisingly close second.
  31. fakeouts
    Can Blockbuster Movie Characters Stay Dead?It feels like every big movie has a shocking second-act death … that’s reversed five minutes later.
  32. monday morning movie club
    Let’s Talk About Thor: The Dark WorldYou saw the movie, we saw the movie, so let’s dig in.
  33. weekend box office
    Thor Sequel Smashes Weekend Box OfficeEveryone loves a long-haired hero.
  34. review roundup
    Man, Critics Sure Do Love Loki in Thor 2Get a room.
  35. brothers
    The 2013 Hemsworth Power Rankings: Round 2Look out, Chris.
  36. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls Rate Long-Haired Male Movie ManesBrad Pitt in Legends of the Fall? The gold standard. But what of Tom Cruise in Legend, Matt Dillon in Singles ,and more?
  37. superheroes
    Why the Newest Superhero Movies Can’t Seem to Make Their Actors Into SuperstarsChris Hemsworth, Andrew Garfield, Chris Evans, and Henry Cavill have an awareness problem.
  38. movie review
    Movie Review: Thor: The Dark WorldNatalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston co-star in the latest Marvel sequel.
  39. vulture lists
    Live-Action Marvel TV Shows Before Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Jessica Walter as a witch! Thor as a beach babe! Mutants in the grunge era!
  40. trailer mix
    Thor: The Dark World Trailer: It’s a Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark WorldThere’s more Thor in store for us.
  41. movie math
    The Avengers: How Much Screen Time Does Each Hero Get?Does Iron Man outrate Captain America?
  42. movies
    Eleven Lessons Hollywood Should Learn From Summer Movie SeasonWhy ‘Bad Teacher’ was a hit but ‘The Change-Up’ wasn’t, why Marvel’s superhero scored but DC’s didn’t, and more.
  43. movies
    Thor 2 Is Coming Sooner Than You’d ThinkBut Kenneth Branagh won’t be back.
  44. weekend box office
    Pirates of the Caribbean Wins the Box OfficeThe latest ‘Pirates’ installment earned nearly $91 million.
  45. movies
    Joss Whedon Directed a Scene in ThorThe last scene, in fact.
  46. viral marketing
    Thor Marketing Prompts Bomb ScareWhoops.
  47. Your Box Office Explained: Always a BridesmaidsAnd that’s a good thing. A $24 million good thing.
  48. your box office explained
    Who Thor’s Hammer Connected WithWell, it wasn’t as mighty as ‘Fast Five’ was last week, but $66 million isn’t bad.
  49. movies
    As The Dark Knight Recedes, Have Superheroes Gotten Happy Again?’Thor,’ ‘Green Lantern,’ and ‘Captain America’ have turned their backs on the downbeat superheroics of ‘The Dark Knight.’
  50. movie review
    The Trippy, Tacky, Monumental ThorIt’s like the most stoned dinner-theater production of ‘The Ring of the Nibelungs’ you’ll ever be lucky enough to ogle.
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