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  1. b** b***
    Will Smith Posts Jokingly Censored and/or Wildly Filthy Video From Bad Boys 3Presumably as a joke, but if not, oh man.
  2. trailer mix
    Watch New Trailer for The Ring Threequel Rings Does Samara just guess people’s email addresses or what?
  3. threequels
    A 28 Months Later Threequel Could Be HappeningAnd then 28 Years Later — just kidding, but maybe not.
  4. threequels
    We Are Getting a Purge 3Start barricading those doors!
  5. threequels
    23 Jump Street May Be on the WayNo word yet on whether Phil Lord and Chris Miller will be back to direct.
  6. sequels forever
    Another X-Men Sequel Hits Theaters May 2016Involving either an apocalypse or Apocalypse. Or both.
  7. 36 Comedy Threequels Graded From Meh to Offensively TerribleWhere do Christmas Vacation, Home Alone 3, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III fall on this ignominious scale?
  8. threequels
    Ben Stiller Can’t Stay Away From Haunted MuseumsHe’s doing Night at the Museum 3 with director Shawn Levy.