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  1. movie review
    Sarah Paulson’s a Terror in Tasteful Mom Garb in the Hulu Thriller RunOne of the takeaways of 2020: Don’t let Sarah Paulson give you medical treatments.
  2. vulture lists
    15 Essential Conspiracy Theory MoviesA survey of some of film’s best paranoid political thrillers.
  3. trailer mix
    Kindred Trailer: In-;aws Are Always Up To Some Creepy ShitA creepy psychological thriller starring Tamara Lawrance, Fiona Shaw, and Jack Lowden.
  4. trailer mix
    Netflix Fractured Trailer: Jodie Foster Might Have Some Tips for Sam WorthingtonSo soon we forget Flightplan.
  5. thrillers
    Jurassic Park’s Screenwriter Wrote an Equally Terrifying Novel, and Loved ItDavid Koepp’s debut thriller, Cold Storage, stars a killer fungus and bored Midwesterners.
  6. trailer mix
    USA’s Treadstone Trailer: Why Did We Make So Many Goshdarn Jason Bournes?!One Jason Bourne? Great, perfect. A ton of Jason Bournes? We did not think this through.
  7. an actor’s journey
    It’s High Time Dennis Quaid Played a Horror-Movie PsychoSkip A Dog’s Journey and see The Intruder instead.
  8. publishing trends
    Move Over, Lady Psychopaths: The Locked-Room Mystery Is BackIn crazy times, mystery readers are craving a little order in their thrillers.
  9. the crime scene
    If I Hate Violence So Much, Why Do I Love Writing About It?Writers of violent thrillers reflect on — and reaffirm — the ethics of what they do.
  10. movie review
    Rust Creek Is a Thriller With a Surprising Streak of HumanismFrom the start, it’s clear director Jen McGowan will be putting her heroine through hell while protecting her from degradation.
  11. best of 2018
    The 10 Best Crime Books of 2018Opium smugglers, mad scientists, Instagram socialites, and serial killers fictional and real.
  12. movies
    The Danish Thriller The Guilty Wants to Take You on a Nerve-racking, Wild RideWe talk to filmmaker Gustav Möller about his tense, twist-filled, Sundance Award–winning directing debut.
  13. books
    Megan Abbott Is Back, With a Further Exploration of Female RageIn Give Me Your Hand, the thriller writer probes the psychological underpinnings of women who kill.
  14. Revenge Inverts Its Titular Genre Without Transcending ItBut Coralie Fargeat doesn’t linger on or eroticize the violence against her heroine — this isn’t torture porn.
  15. Double Lover Is a French Erotic Thriller Made for Valentine’s DayFrançois Ozon gives you twin sex, pegging, and an opening shot not likely to be forgotten.
  16. The 10 Best Thriller Books of 2017The most unsettling of escapism.
  17. Thelma Is Like Carrie Remade by Ingmar BergmanThe psychodrama is both more mysterious and more accessible than Joachim Trier’s other films.
  18. Thelma’s Joachim Trier on Filming Lesbian Sex Scenes Sans the Male Gaze“I don’t think you can create art from a position of shame.”
  19. books
    Girl on the Train’s Paula Hawkins Has a New BookInto the Water will come out next May.
  20. trailer mix
    Watch the Skin-Crawling, Skin-Peeling Trailer for Horror Film Replace One girl’s tragic skin condition has a scary cure.
  21. binge-watching
    Here Are the Most-Binged Shows on Netflix Based on duration of watching periods.
  22. in development
    Lindsay Lohan Announces New Thriller InconceivableDon’t call it a comeback.
  23. casting couch
    Idris Elba Signs On for Bastille DayA thriller set in Paris.
  24. Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day Are Starring in a Thriller Together SNL’s Jason Sudeikis and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Charlie Day are branching out into a new genre and starring in their first […]
  25. thrillers
    The Snooki-JWOWW Spinoff Sounds IntenseWhat will happen to these two in the world outside New Jersey?