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  1. snl
    How to Get Tickets to SNL: A Helpful GuideThe 2020-2021 SNL ticket lottery is now open. But will season 46 even include live audiences? Unclear.
  2. billboard charts
    Billboard Will No Longer Count Merch and Ticket Bundles Toward Chart Rankings“It is Billboard’s belief that the resulting charts will more accurately reflect consumer choice.”
  3. coronavirus
    How to Get a Refund for All Your TicketsFrom Disney World to your Coachella Airbnb.
  4. lawsuits
    Class Action Lawsuit Accuses Ticketmaster of Being in Cahoots With ScalpersThe suit claims the company is just fine with the mass purchasing of tickets, alleging that they profit from their resale.
  5. MoviePass Works. Why Is Hollywood So ‘Meh’?“If we’re doubling the frequency of the customers who’ve been abandoning you, you’d think they’d cut us in on some of your increased profits.”
  6. ‘Saturday Night Live’s Season 43 Ticket Lottery Begins Tomorrow If you want the chance to attend a taping of Saturday Night Live’s upcoming 43rd season, NBC’s annual ticket lottery officially kicks […]
  7. ‘SNL’ Is Giving Away Tickets to Next Month’s Primetime Weekend Update […]Saturday Night Live’s regular season 43 ticket lottery doesn’t officially begin until next month, but in the meantime, the show is giving away […]
  8. ticket troubles
    LCD Soundsystem Is Investigating How Many Bots Bought Tickets to Their NYC Shows“We’re angry too.”
  9. big tickets
    Rogue One Tickets Go on Sale MondayLucasfilm to release advance tickets November 28.
  10. ‘Saturday Night Live’s Season 42 Ticket Lottery Ends TomorrowEvery August, NBC opens up the Saturday Night Live ticket lottery for fans, and if you’d like a shot at winning free tickets to a season 42 […]
  11. inflation
    Movie Tickets Are Now More Expensive Than Ever In case you hadn’t noticed.
  12. Louis C.K. Explains His Scalping Policy Is WorkingWhen Louis decided to sell the tickets for his next tour directly through his website, preventing scalping was a big motivating factor. He […]
  13. Hey Boston, Go See Some Comedy Central Specials Get Taped This WeekIf you live in Boston and enjoy the comedy, you should click here and sign up to go see some standups tape their Comedy Central specials for […]
  14. Here’s the Presale Info for Aziz Ansari’s Buried Alive! TourAziz Ansari is prepping a pretty huge nationwide tour this spring and summer dubbed Buried Alive! It’s a brand new full hour of comedy, which […]
  15. Conan Coming Home to Tape Shows in NYCAttention, New Yorkers: Papa Conan is coming home. He’ll be taping episodes of Conan from October 31st - November 3rd at The Beacon Theatre, […]
  16. How to Get Conan TicketsWant tickets to see Conan when it starts airing in November? The ticket lottery is now open, so go get ‘em.